Man Who Wed A Love Doll Shares Updates On Their Relationship One Year Later

A man who married a sex doll recently shared insights into how their unconventional relationship was faring one year after tying the knot.

The sex doll industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with increasingly realistic models entering the market, albeit at a considerable cost.

As these dolls become more lifelike, it’s unsurprising that some owners develop a belief in full-fledged relationships with these inanimate objects.

Yuri Tolochko, aged 36, took an unconventional step by marrying his sex doll named Margo. The Kazakh bodybuilder gained widespread attention during the pandemic when he held a lavish ceremony in November 2020, formalizing his union with the doll after a year of ‘dating.’

Reportedly, their marriage was deemed legal under local Kazakhstan law, which lacks explicit restrictions on objects and permits marriage between consenting individuals, provided they are a man and a woman aged 18 or above.

Yuri disclosed that he hadn’t initially planned to purchase Margo but encountered her in 2019 at a bar where she was “working” as a hostess. Instantly, he found himself falling in love with her.

According to Yuri, he once defended Margo when a man was rude to her at the bar. Subsequently, he approached the bar owners, seeking permission to take Margo as his own. They agreed, with the condition that they could “watch over” their relationship.

Margo was equipped with a set of programmed sentences she could articulate and even had heating functions to simulate a realistic body temperature.

Following the revelation of their romance, Margo gained popularity on social media. However, Yuri asserted that the newfound attention led her to develop a “complex,” prompting her desire for plastic surgery.

Undoubtedly, introducing any partner to friends and family can be an anxious experience, but the stakes are even higher when that partner isn’t a real person.

“My friends and family had a very normal reaction and supported my relationship with her as they only wanted me to be happy,” said Yuri. “When I take Margo to public places, no one ever criticizes her to her face, but that does happen on the internet.”

He mentioned that they go on numerous dates, enjoy long walks, try out new restaurants, indulge in couple’s massages, and even go to clubs for dancing.

Even when Yuri goes on vacation, Margo doesn’t get left behind. They embarked on a trip to Thailand together, exploring activities such as a tiger safari.

Yuri also revealed that he was previously in a seven-year relationship with a real woman when he was 20. However, their relationship ended because she desired children, and he was not ready for parenthood at that time.

“So we decided to break up, and for a long time, I could not meet other girls because I still loved her very much. After we broke up, I began dating guys, and had my first experience with a man. That’s when I realized how diverse my sexual needs were. I also realized it was important for me to find a partner who shared my sexual preferences, as well as the spiritual qualities that were important to me,” he shared.

“Usually, there are certain obligations where you enter into a relationship. But Margo is different. Margo never reproaches me when I’m busy, or when I’m not home for three days. So it’s very convenient for me, because I am very busy.”

“She gives me sex whenever I want, no matter the day or time. Margo can get into positions no normal girl can, and the greatest charm in our relationship is that she can give me the freakiest, most unusual sex. That’s what I love about her the most.”

Yuri disclosed that Margo had undergone repairs after some internal components broke, leaving him feeling lonely during her absence.

In Margo’s absence, Yuri decided to marry another doll named Lola. According to his Instagram account, it seems he has introduced other inanimate partners into his life.

Yuri insisted that he wasn’t seeking publicity, stating, “I don’t get any money from advertising my relationship with Margo. I show my life, and I am known for living freely and having wide boundaries for my sexuality.”

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Source: Daily Star

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