McDonalds order error leaves a vegetarian girl ‘vomiting and crying’

McDonald’s messed up and left a vegetarian traumatized after eating meat for the first time.

I ordered a veggie deluxe meal at a Maccies in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, and got a chicken burger in a veggie wrap instead.

One bite left the 26-year-old ‘vomiting and in tears.’

She posted on Twitter about her disappointment, saying: “I don’t care how much backlash I get.”.

“I’m traumatized after being served chicken that’s labeled as a veggie burger when I’ve never eaten meat.”

The food is dangerous to mislabel! I just vomited, and I still feel sick! 

Credit: Kennedy News And Media

“I started crying and felt sick to my stomach. 

“I was starving and was looking forward to it.”.

“I bit into it, but when I swallowed, I realized this wasn’t what I was expecting. 

It tasted like meat didn’t register because I have never eaten meat. It was kind of like Quorn, but it wasn’t as good as the veggie deluxe.”

When I realized it, I froze, and I sent a message to my boyfriend saying I was panicking. He checked if they changed the veggie burger, but when I googled it, I saw they hadn’t. 

“It traumatized me. I called Calum [her boyfriend] to come to pick me up to give me some moral support. He felt upset on my behalf too.” 

“It’s dangerous,” he said. If you mislabel food, it could contain something someone is allergic to. I know chicken isn’t typical, but I could have been severely allergic as I hadn’t eaten it before. I could have been hospitalized. 

I enjoyed McDonald’s veggie deluxe when I didn’t want to cook, but I’m never eating there again. I felt sick the whole night and all day the next.”

Credit: Kennedy News And Media

It’s not okay to serve meat if you order vegetarian food, and we’re sorry for the mistake.”. 

We have procedures in place to prevent inaccurate orders, but in this case, they weren’t followed, and we’re looking into why.

I’m in contact with our Customer Service Team to figure out a solution.” 

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  1. I think it’s stupid you don’t think to check your f***ing order knowing that any fast food places can f*** your orders up sometimes and get a completely wrong orders or it’s incorrect. Also you shouldn’t eat a nasty a** McDonald’s begin with.

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