12 Painful Struggles Of Getting Back With Your Ex Boyfriend

Have you already decided to give your relationship another chance with your Ex-boyfriend? Then brace yourself.

Recent years have shown an increasing trend of getting back with ex-girlfriends or boyfriends after the breakup. Everyone has a different reason to get back to their ex.

Some people feel that their breakup was a mistake and they want to make up for that. While there are others who think that giving another try to their relationship can possibly change things, there is a category of people who start believing that their ex has now changed and he/she is a totally different person. Some simply cannot get their ex out of their head and end up reverting back to him/her.

I am not going to discuss the pros and cons of each of these reasons that urge you to go back to your ex boyfriend. But once you decide to get back with your ex, you need to gear up yourself to face the challenges that come with this new relationship with your ex. Here, I will discuss the 12 most painful struggles that a girl has to go through when she is getting back with her ex boyfriend.

1. You have to announce that you are back together

Well, it’s not as easy as it may sound. You need to tell each and every person from your family, your social circle and your friends that you are now back with the same person whom you have been accusing of cheating or infidelity, the same guy who was declared a jerk by you is now your man again.

2. You have to update your status on social media

Switching your Facebook status from ˜in a relationship’ to ˜complicated’ to ˜single’ and then back to ˜in a relationship’ is not that much daunting as putting your ex boyfriend’s name next to your relationship status again. You will simply hate the feeling when your friends see the notification of you re-adding him on your social media network.

3. Don’t expect it to be easy

I totally understand that the decision of getting back with your ex is very difficult but things that lie ahead of this decision are far more difficult and complicated than you’d ever imagine. All relationships have their demands and complexities, but a relationship with your ex is bound to be much more challenging than any other relationship.

4. You have to work really hard to mend your mother’s opinion about him

Yes, that is a challenging task for sure. Your mother had already warned you about her reservations about your boyfriend in the past. And now, you have to convince her all over again of how good your boyfriend is.

5. You need to work on your friend’s opinions

Until recently, you have been complaining to your friends about your boyfriend’s bad habits, insincerity and his unreasonable attitude and now, all of a sudden, you have to convince them that all his bad traits were actually good.

6. Only time will prove how much things have actually changed

After a fresh start, chances are that everything seems perfect in the beginning. But you have to observe things more cautiously to make sure if it just a temporary phase or things really have changed from the past.

7. You will have a hard time getting over all the bitter memories from the past

Starting your relationship with your ex boyfriend is not that easy. You cannot just hit the delete button and erase all of the negative feelings and bitter memories of your past. You really have to work hard to shut those hurtful things from your heart and mind.

8. You need to strive hard to treat it like a new relationship

In order to avoid all the awful memories, you have to treat this relationship like a new one. And for this, you really have to put in an extra effort to make things work.

9. You have to try to get back on his friend’s ˜good books’

Friends of your ex boyfriend now take you as an unstable and difficult girl to handle. You have to undo the damage and rebuild your reputation with them, which surely is a challenging thing to do.

10. The Validity of breakup has lost its weight

You have done it once, means you can do it again. You both won’t fear the ˜breakup’ now. You have already patched up after the breakup so there are chances that neither of you will take things that seriously now when it comes to parting ways again.

11. You wonder if you have taken the right decision

After getting back with your ex, you will continuously have such vibes in your head; Did I make the right decision? Do I really want him or I just don’t want to be alone?

You will keep on asking yourself as to why you ever wanted to get into this relationship with your ex boyfriend. Reassuring your own self that you have taken the right step is the most challenging phase of this relationship.

12. Make sure you both are in this together

You cannot make things work out on your own. Even if you are the one who approached your ex and floated the idea of being together again, you still can’t make your relationship work if your significant other is not into it with you. Work together for making this relationship a success this time; it demands effort on part of both the partners.

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  1. He send me songs Saying i am the only one he has in his personal phone number not in official when i send in official today is the date 1year back he says love me so i asked to you remember today date he has not seen but has been on line with a lady i was suspecting an affair of him that is why we broke off.
    I was not talking to him last two weeks suddly he sends songs

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