Personal Trainer Finds Wife Cheating on Him with Homeless Man in Car, Drags Him Out

Images Source: Metropoles

This story comes from Brazil. A personal trainer, Eduardo Alves, found his wife cheating on him with a homeless man she was trying to “help.” This incident took place on March 10th, 2022.

Footage captured in CCTV footage shows Eduardo peeking into a car where he saw his wife cheating on him with a homeless man. Being a personal trainer and very strong, Eduardo first peaked in to make sure what he was seeing was actually happening. He then proceeded to drag out the homeless man from the car and “taught him a lesson.”

While Eduardo’s wife got out of the car and kept watching what was happening – her husband was throwing massive jabs on the homeless man non-stop in a fit of rage.

According to Metropoles, Eduardo’s wife and mother-in-law had left the house to help the homeless man in need – that’s what the story says. But Eduardo kept trying to call his wife without any answers. Eduardo found out that his wife left in the car, and it was parked outside a primary school – that’s where he peeked in, and the scene took place.

According to his wife, who’s not named in the news story, is a Churchgoing woman and reportedly said she received “a message from God” to help this homeless man in need – we don’t understand how cheating comes into the helping part, but okay.

After receiving a good dose of Mr. Eduardo’s rage, the homeless man was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for the multitude of his injuries. Brazil’s investigate police force of the Federal District, The Civil Police, says they’re still investigating this incident to find out further details.

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  1. Why blame the guy? He made no promises to anyone! Blame the cheating wife who did make a promise to her husband!

  2. I guess she decided that no one would suspect her cheating let alone with a homeless person. But why would the husband get mad at him? Wife will do what ever she wants with whom she wants. She ‘s the bad one here not the homeless person. I’ve read many stories over the years of church going woman cheating on their spouses.

  3. Church going woman? Are you serious ? A woman doesn’t have to be “Church going” to a man this woman probably wasn’t getting any good $ex at home and like a man she went looking for some..I sure didn’t say like a Church Going Man..

  4. I think I’ve read steroids can disrupt sexual ability and desire in a man. But … a HOMELESS guy?
    Hope for all of us as housing has gotten SO ridiculously expensive that you dont have to be an insane bum to end up homeless anymore!
    This is what is going to happen when massive tax cuts leave corporATE “persons” so much cash that they buy out houses from under real corpoREAL persons!

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