Polish Mothers Left Strollers at Train Station for Ukrainian Mothers

Image Source: Francesco Malavolta

This past month has shown everyone how humanity works in trying times – how we are there for one another, regardless of the situation or condition. Over the past month, millions of refugees have left Ukraine towards their neighboring countries – Poland being one of them because it shares a massive border with Ukraine.

Poland has welcomed Ukrainian refugees with a lot of love and care. A beautiful photo went viral on Facebook, which shows a lot of strollers left at a train station by Polish mothers. The strollers are meant for Ukrainian mothers arriving in Poland carrying babies. In dier times, every little bit counts – and this gesture of pure kindness is heartwarming.

Image Source: Francesco Malavolta

This incredible and endearing photo was taken by Francesco Malavolta and shared by Eduard Koller on Facebook. Eduard wrote a beautiful and wholesome caption:

“The most beautiful photo I’ve seen today: Polish moms left strollers at the train station, for Ukrainian moms who may need them when they arrive in Poland with kids.”

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi:

“We have passed the shocking milestone of 2 million refugees fleeing Ukraine in just 12 days, mainly into five neighbouring countries. Over half are fleeing to Poland alone.”

“Poland has received over 1.2 million refugees. Both the Polish Government and local communities have mounted a commendable, well-organized welcome.”

If you want to help, please visit UNHCR’s donation page here.

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Eduard Koller on Facebook

Image & Featured Image via Francesco Malavolta


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