Singaporean Man Who Looks Like He’s In His 20s Is Actually 52. Learn His Secrets To Looking Young Here.

One of the very first things that a girl would notice about a guy in his face and then perhaps his physique as well. There are boys who look really young even when they’re in their late thirties and forties. These types of men can be really hard to resist even for a lot of ladies who are still in their 20s. But the man who will be the subject of this article, in particular, isn’t going to be in his 30s. He isn’t even going to be in his 40s. In fact, Chuando Tan is a Singaporean man who is already in his 50s.

But he still has the looks of a guy who is capable of captivating the hearts and minds of so many women out there. This incredibly handsome hunk hails from Singapore and he is everything any girl could possibly look for in a man as far as looks are concerned. Can you imagine being aged 52 and still look the way that this guy does? He must be incredibly blessed and lucky, wouldn’t you think?

He is actually a former pop singer but he now makes a living as a photographer. But there is no denying that he has the dashing good looks that are good enough to be the subject of many photographers’ lenses as well. He claims that all of his rugged good looks and young charm are all attributed to his diet and physical regimen. It isn’t a totally big secret since he’s willing to open up about the key to his youthful and energetic lifestyle. He says that his diet consists mostly of chicken and he also makes it a point to get a proper amount of sleep.

He used to work as a model in the 80s before he drifted into the realms of pop music. And finally, he just settled for being a photographer instead. It turned out that he was quite good at it and he is now very successful in his career. One day, he actually took up the advice of his friends and he posted his own picture one time. But then his picture unexpectedly (but in hindsight, quite unsurprisingly) went viral on social media. When a lot of people online saw his pictures, they felt like that he hadn’t really changed a bit over the many years since his younger days. A lot of people came up with theories. Some said that it was all probably due to him having some really good genes. Some people said that it was probably due to the clean, young, healthy, and stress-free environment of Singapore that keeps him young. But he really does attribute it to his diet and overall lifestyle.

He claims to eat at least 6 eggs for breakfast every morning.

He doesn’t really buy into the whole idea of eggs contributing to a person’s high cholesterol levels. He knows that eggs are full of proteins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. The rest of his diet consists of a lot of lean chicken, avocados, and milk. He also makes sure to take in a lot of water throughout the day while avoiding vices like alcohol and cigarettes.

He exercises for 90 minutes a day.

He tries to train at least 3 to 4 times a week for at least around 90 minutes a day. He focuses on a lot of swimming workouts to go along with his resistance training to help him maintain his strength and tone his muscles.

He mostly does the things that he likes to do.

He is a man who believes that the things that you like to do in life will directly affect the kind of energy that you have in this world. That’s why he truly believes that he should do things that make him happy so as to preserve his youthful vigour and energy.

He doesn’t really use too many skin care items.

He only uses a regular gel facial wash and some moisturizer on his skin. He doesn’t really use any special products or procedures.

He maintains a lot of good sleeping habits.

He tries to avoid staying late out at night. He never wants to stay up beyond 11 pm because he thinks that sleep is crucial to health. And if you’re smart, you would take his advice as well.

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