Some ways Social Media affects relationships negatively

Remember the time when relationships used to mean something? Those were easy times weren’t they? You could define friendships with a warm embrace, love in a handmade card, celebrations in firecrackers, birth dates circled on calendars. The time when parties had limited usage of phones and when secrecy was deemed sacred because forwarding screenshots was not an option and when the essence of moments relied supremely on one’s memory and not on Instagram. But then came the new era when some bolt of lightning fast-forwarded the human cassette and everything became everything and nothing, all at once.В 

People, wishes, messages, rivalries, condolences and even love started traveling along with the Wi-Fi waves from one continent to another and from one tongue to millions. The exotic fantasy became an innovative tragedy. Not your reality but your Facebook status started defining where you stood in someone’s heart. E-cards replaced love letters, candy crush crushed outdoor play times, when Netflix ruined family movie nights and birth dates became digital reminders, with your entire life on exhibition and confined to a 7-inch screen.

On turning, pausing and reflecting you are not there with your loved ones but on your couch staring at a screen. You are reaching continents across to people that you have a one in a trillion chance to ever physically meet but don’t even know the name of your next door neighbour. You feed your virtual spirit animal whereas your actual spiritual animal is dying of thirst. Unfortunately, this menace has spread to our relationships too and it has plagued it. Social Media has, in some ways, restrained the true potential of a relationship.

Here are some ways in which Facebook and other social media websites are affecting your relationship.

В 1. Greater Chances of Infidelity

Most social media websites are crowded with pictures of attractive women and you are one click away from being tempted into sending a hottie on your account a message. All of the conversations are private which allures you and even if your intentions are right, if you’re girlfriend finds out through gossip, jealousy can be detrimental to a relationship. It could make a mountain out of a mole hill and the breach in trust can sometimes be very costly.

You think I’m making assumptions. Well, a study done by the University of Missouri showed that a frequent use of Facebook caused more conflicts in relationships. Despite all that, if you love your girl, then Megan fox can send you a friend request on Facebook and you will reject it. I know, I know, you’ll certainly think about it for a minute or two, maybe more. But, in the end, your decision will be the right one.

2. Bragging About your relationship

I get it; you’ve finally got into a relationship. You have the girl of your dreams and you want to show her to the world, that’s ok, but everything in moderation, please. It does not promote positive vibes in your audience and it also has some other problems. Everyone isn’t always going to feel happy for you. Envy may take birth in an angry ex and she might notice some suspicious activity on your part and report it to your girlfriend in a highly manipulative manner.

Most importantly, relationships should have some sort of privacy. After all, your love is supposed to be meant for the both of you and not the whole world. Instead of taking an excessive amount of selfies with her and posting them on Instagram, please tend to her, caress her hair, kiss her and make her feel loved. Post pictures, but limit them to special occasions.

3. Evades Privacy

Privacy is a very important thing in a relationship and it has the ability to strengthen moral values such as trust and honesty. Trust me, I’m not saying that you’re permitted to cheat and flirt behind your significant other’s back. This is not how it works. Social Media has just created a lot of confusion and the expectations have intensified gruesomely. I just think that all your activity on Facebook is visible to your partner. Human emotions are fickle; they may change in a second.

Suppose, you liked the picture of a high school sweetheart and you didn’t have any wrong intention while doing that. However, such a minor thing can cause questions to arise in your partner’s mind. This excessive processing of several thoughts will only lead her to a negative conclusion because at the end of the day, fear takes over one way or another.

Everything aside, if your relationship is strong, then none of these things will mean anything and despite all the predicaments in the world, you’ll find a way to reconstruct your bond. However, it’s always good to be cautious!

Do you agree that social media somehow affects relationships? Please Let us know!

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