Stay Single Until You Find A Man Who Does These 40 Things

You should never have to force yourself to be in a relationship if it’s clearly not meant for you. You must always try to be honest with yourself. You might be driven by your own desperation to the point that you end up settling for a guy who clearly isn’t good for you. The harsh truth that you might have a hard time accepting at the moment is that it would be a lot better for you to stay single than force things in a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you.

That’s why you should stay single until you find a man who does these 50 things:

  1. He makes a genuine effort to ask you out and plan nice dates for the two of you.

2. He holds the door open for you whenever he has a chance to do so.

3. He waits for you to be seated comfortably before he even takes a seat for himself.

4. He gives you his jacket whenever he sees that you’re shivering from the cold.

5. He allows you to place the order first whenever you’re eating out.

6. He offers to pay for dates.

7. He makes a genuine effort to meet all of the closest people in your life.

8. He offers to drive you around when he knows that you have a lot of errands that you need to accomplish.

9. He doesn’t’ hesitate to introduce you to his closest friends and family.

10. He never waits too long to reply to a text message or respond to a missed call.

11. If he’s too busy to respond to you, he lets you know accordingly, and he never leaves you hanging.

12. He makes sure that you know that he has always got your back regardless of what you want to do in life.

13. He stays patient with you and he respects the fact that you have full ownership of your time and body.

14. He allows you to go out and have fun on your own time without him.

15. He always takes care of you whenever you go a little too hard and have too much to drink.

16. He doesn’t take advantage of you whenever you’re drunk.

17. He genuinely listens to you whenever you want to tell him something or get something off your chest.

18. He shows a willingness to talk to you about the future of your relationship.

19. He takes the time to really make sure that your bedroom experience is as fun and as fulfilling as he is.

20. He shows a willingness to get physically intimate with you without having any strings attached.

21. He gives you butterflies in your stomach whenever the two of you are together.

22. He holds your hand whenever the two of you are walking alongside one another.

23. He always motivates and encourages you to become better without making you feel like you aren’t enough for him.

24. He makes sure that you are still living a happy and fulfilling life outside of your relationship.

25. He takes the time to really teach you about things that you might be curious about.

26. He constantly makes an effort to make you laugh or bring a smile to your face.

27. He does whatever he can to ease the burdens and the pressures in your life.

28. He always shows up at the time that you agree to see one another.

29. And he apologizes on the rare times that he might be running late.

30. He always makes it a point to stay open and honest with you about everything so that you would never have to doubt what he has to say.

31. He always shows up for you whenever you need him even though it might be inconvenient for him.

32. He tells you that he’s proud of you and that he’s always so happy to be with you.

33. He is always willing to put your own happiness above his own.

34. He allows you to take a deeper and more immense look into his life.

35. He includes you in all major decisions or plans that he might have to make in life.

36. He inspires you to always be on your absolute best behavior.

37. He shows humility and he apologizes whenever he knows that he has screwed up.

38. He never holds your mistakes or your sins against you.

39. He makes sure that you always feel safe and comfortable whenever you’re together.

40. He loves you with all of his heart.

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