The 10 Basic Rules Of Flirting

Flirting can be such a liberating but also terrifying experience. It’s the act of really putting yourself out there and expressing your interest in another person. For a lot of couples, it’s the initial step. For a lot of relationships, it’s where the love is initially formed. So it’s normal for a lot of people to take flirting very seriously. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to flirt properly. Essentially, a lot of relationships rely heavily on one’s ability to flirt with a prospective mate.

And flirting isn’t just important in the early stages of a relationship either. It’s just as important the deeper and deeper you get into a relationship with someone. You have to remember that even as the honeymoon period draws to a close on a relationship, the flirting must never cease to stop. When you flirt with your partner, you are letting them know that you are still willing to do whatever it takes to work for their love. It shows that you are still attracted to them and that you are trying to win over their attraction in return. It proves that you are still putting effort into presenting yourself as someone who would make for a viable romantic option.

Now, flirting techniques can have very different effects on very different people. For one, you might not be comfortable with being such an obvious flirt that it would just end up looking very awkward if you try. And some people don’t typically respond to very aggressive and forward advances either. Or perhaps there are some people who are so clueless that they don’t respond to subtle advances because they don’t really consider it as flirting. It all depends on who you ask and it’s a very complex and complicated maze that you’re going to have to work your way through somehow.

And while there is no guidebook to flirting, this article is going to highlight some general rules that you need to follow when it comes to flirting. Consider this the basis “do’s and don’ts” of flirting with a prospective love interest. At the end of the day, you should still be able to do what is comfortable and natural for you. But you can always use this as a guide if ever you feel like you need a foundation for your flirting.

1. Do make eye contact.

Let him feel your sincerity by really looking deep into his eyes when you talk to him. When you’re interacting with him, you want him to know that you aren’t being distracted; that you are fully focused on him and that he has your full attention.

2. Be as witty and as charming as possible.

Show him that you have a sharp wit. Let your charm just pour through. Show him that you are able to keep him entertained; that you’re not just some other girl.

3. Always make it a point to listen.

Make him feel like you really hear him out; that you really listen to him. Don’t just nod and say yes every once in a while. Really engage with him when he’s talking to you. Make him feel like you’re really interested and that you’re not just riding along.

4. Be a little touchy.

Guys like it when girls are a little touchy. It’s such an innocent and subtle way to flirt with a guy. There are very few things in the world that are more charming than the warmth of a girl’s soft touch.

5. Shower him with compliments.

Show him that you are perceptive; that you notice the parts of him that are worth taking note of.

6. Don’t be afraid to flirt via text.

Why limit your flirtations to the times where you’re together? You can still flirt even when you’re far apart from one another. That’s what technology is for. Don’t be afraid to flirt with him via text. He’s going to like that little extra effort that you put into it. And it’s secretly going to make him feel really good inside.

7. Engage him in his interests.

Show him that you’re adaptable. Let him know that you’re able to get behind the things that he’s interested in and that he can actually talk to you about these things.

8. Don’t overdo it.

Don’t go overboard with the flirting. You don’t want to be making yourself TOO available either. It might come off as pathetic, desperate, and overly aggressive. You have to give him space to breathe too.

9. Don’t send nudes.

Never do that. It’s trashy. And you shouldn’t be so self-deprecating. Respect your body. Respect yourself. And don’t give him that kind of power over you. You never know what he might do with those pictures.

10. Don’t play games with him.

He’s going to know if you’re just playing games with him. Be mature about it. Show him that you’re taking him seriously; and that you want him to be taking you seriously as well. Show him that you’re well beyond playing childless games.

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