The 9 Most Common Reasons Girls Lose Interest In Relationships

1. They no longer feel like they’re having fun in the relationship.

In life, there’s really no point in doing something if you can’t find a sense of fun in it. And that’s why you always need to be putting in the effort to make sure that your relationship is fun and enjoyable. If you become too boring and complacent, you risk losing your girl. You’re going to make her feel like you don’t really value the relationship; that you’re not willing to put in the effort to make things fun for her. And you can’t be taking things too seriously either to the point that it’s no longer fun for either of you.

2. The relationship becomes too predictable and boring.

You want stability, but you don’t want predictability. Always be willing to shake things up every once in a while. Always show her that you’re willing to be adventurous.

3. She doesn’t feel a sense of security and safety from you.

She always feels like she can’t rely on you to be there for you whenever she needs you. You somehow fail to make her feel safe in your relationship. Instead of appeasing her insecurities, you feed into them. You make her question whether or not you’re really all-in with this relationship. And the uncertainty is just scaring her; that’s why she’s choosing to just withdraw herself completely from the entire situation.

4. You come off as too strong in the relationship.

You don’ want to be scaring her away either. Remember that there is a fine line between expressing interest in a girl and just being overly obsessed with someone. You need to be able to tow that line well. You want to show her that you aren’t cold or disinterested; you want to show her that you can keep your feelings in check. You want to show her that you aren’t off to the idea of the two of you having something special, but you don’t want to be overly aggressive either.

5. You don’t follow up on your words and promises.

You need to always make sure that you are a man of your word. You need to be able to prove to her that you aren’t just someone who is all talk – that you can actually walk the walk as well. As a man, it’s important that you say all of the right things to her. That’s how you grab her interest in the first place. But if you really want to KEEP and MAINTAIN her interest in you, you need to be able to back up all of your words. You need to be able to manifest all of your flowery words and promises into actions. You need to show her that she has reason to believe everything that might come out of your mouth; that your word can indeed be trusted.

6. You make her your whole world.

Just because you think that a girl is completely amazing doesn’t mean that you have to make your whole life about that girl. You still need to have your own life. You still need to be your own person. You still need to be able to show her that you have a life outside of that relationship. Otherwise, you’re going to end up putting so much pressure on your relationship. You are going to suffocate her by relying too much on her for the company and social fulfillment. You really need to be able to maintain an independent lifestyle outside of what the two of you have together.

7. You don’t share similar values and principles.

Sometimes, you just don’t see eye to eye on fundamental issues and values. You aren’t just going to be on the same page on the important stuff; and if that’s the case, she might lose interest. She isn’t going to want to waste her time with someone she’s virtually incompatible with.

8. You don’t have a strong communication game going on.

A big part of keeping a woman’s interest is being able to entertain her through your words. You need to be able to converse in here in a way that keeps her stimulated. You need to be able to show her that you aren’t just all about that small talk; that you are capable of great depth. If you don’t really know how to talk about things other than the weather or sports, then you’re just bound to lose her – especially if she’s a really smart woman.

9. She has found someone better than you.

At the end of the day, you really have to recognize that you’re just not the only fish in the sea. There are so many other men out there who are perfectly capable of capturing her interests as well. And you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that she’s just going to choose to be with another guy over you. It’s not that there’s something wrong with you per se. It’s just that she found someone better who came along.

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