These Expensive And Unusual Shorts Are Really Taking The Internet By Storm

A designer clothing company has indeed been making the rounds all over social media because of its recent release of a bizarre and unusual pair of odd-looking shorts that look like denim briefs.

The shorts were designed and created by the Parisian label Y Project. They feature a high-waist, zip-up front along with a button at the waistband.

But its design isn’t the only staggering thing about them. The very unusual-looking shorts are also priced at $315 US. The designs come in a wide range of colors including the traditional blue denim, black, and stone-wash.

via Y Project via Y Project via Y Project

A photo of the odd shorts was uploaded on Instagram by an e-commerce store SSENSE along with the caption: “Two words: Denim Undies”.

Ever since that photo was uploaded, the images of the short made its rounds on social media. Plenty of people on the internet have been posting photos of the shorts on Facebook groups and tagging their friends in the comments. There have also been a few funny and witty comments as well.

“Not shorts – denim underwear!” said one of the comments in the Facebook group, “I bought this at”.

“As much as I love wearing denim I won’t be wearing these!” wrote another Facebook user as a comment.

Ssense has labeled the shorts to be “navy denim panties”.

“Denim can be cheeky. And eye-catching,” the description continued to read.

via Y Project

“These brief-style shorts can be worn under or over pants, meaning they’re far more versatile than what you’d traditionally expect from a pair of briefs. Underwear that doesn’t need to stay ‘under there’.”

This is definitely not the first time that the Y Project has raised some eyebrows on their creative denim designs. The fashion label had also previously released a pair of detachable jeans which were designed to be unhooked just below the crotch so as to transform them into shorts within seconds.

The spirited garment, which is said to be officially dubbed as the “cutout transformer cotton denim jean” also had a sizeable price tag attached to it: $444 US.

When the clothing item is actually worn as jeans, wearers just have to fasten together the two pieces of garments under the crotch. With this setup, there is a clear display of skin at all times.

via Y Project via Y Project via Topshop via Topshop

This designer label isn’t the only one that is making noise with some unusual fashion statements. Topshop had also released a line of transparent plastic jeans. And even though this fashion piece was met with a lot of ridicule in the industry, a lot of fashion-minded people actually loved the garment that retailed for around $100 US. They even sold out fairly quickly.

Mo Riach, the head of design at Topshop, has said that in spite of the controversy caused by the pants, the company was proud of creating such a disruptive and newsworthy item.

“It’s a positive thing. Debate and discussion is a positive thing, and we have our customers coming to our site as a result of that.”

She added, “We have done a lot of clear mattes in the past and they’ve been really successful, so it’s like taking those trends and trying them out with denim.”

Source: DailyMail

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