Sex should never be boring.

It’s always important for a lot of modern couples to have healthy and happy sex lives. You always have to make an effort to make your intimate bedroom life with your girlfriend as comfortable and as exciting as possible. Don’t make the mistake of being purely action-centric with your sexual prowess. Remember that a big factor in having a happy sex life is being able to communicate your needs with one another openly and honestly. Now, sometimes, you have to be wary of the fact that your girl may be too shy to tell you about her sexual needs in the relationship. Of course, you aren’t a mind reader and it would really help if she could just be honest with you. But sometimes,

she just expects you to know these things without necessarily telling you about them. The truth is that there are just so many possible reasons as to why women won’t be completely open and honest about what they want from you in the bedroom. Perhaps they don’t want to come off as too demanding or too needy in the relationship. Perhaps they think that their honesty might lead to you getting your feelings hurt. Or perhaps she just feels uncomfortable with discussing her sexual needs in general. In any case, the fact remains that there is always going to be room for improvement in your sex lives, and it’s up to the both of you to make things better.

Now, all women are going to be unique. Each woman in the world has a very specific personality and so it can be difficult to generalize what all women want and need as far as bedroom actions are concerned. But it’s easy to find some common trends that a lot of women really like even though they don’t really talk about it much. Just try to discuss a few of these ideas with your partner and don’t be afraid to experiment in your bedroom. An adventurous sex life is always an exciting one.

1. It’s okay to get a little rough once in a while.

You don’t always have to be so gentle. You don’t always have to treat your girl like some kind of delicate flower. In fact, she might even want you to rough things up every so often.

2. Be a little more verbal.

No one wants to be making love to an inanimate object. Be more audible and make a few more sounds every now and then. It’s okay to dabble into some dirty talk sometimes. Don’t be afraid to make a few moans and grunts. Express yourself more audibly for your girl.

3. Don’t limit yourself to the confines of the bedroom.

Sex doesn’t always have to be done on the bed. In fact, your girl might find a little excitement in doing the deed in places that weren’t particularly designed for doing the act. Don’t be afraid to fool around a little bit. Try doing it on the living room couch or in the shower.

4. Kisses aren’t just meant for the lips.

Kiss her everywhere. A woman loves to be kissed and it doesn’t always have to be on the lips. Go ahead and explore her body with your mouth. Play with her neck and dabble into her torso area. That’s going to drive her crazy.

5. Foreplay is always going to be a good idea.

Women love the build-up just as much as they enjoy the climax. Always remember that. That’s why you should never underestimate the power of thorough foreplay. Make her excited for the grand ending by being meticulous with the foreplay.

6. Don’t take the romance out of the equation.

Just because you are both engaging in the pleasures of the flesh doesn’t mean you should be treating each other like objects of pleasure. You should till see each other as genuine human beings and you shouldn’t take romance and passion out of the deed.

7. Let her take the lead every once in a while.

Let her take the lead. The best way to please her is to allow her the freedom to pleasure herself in the way that she wants. You don’t always have to have control for you two to have a good time.

8. Mix up the variety of your moves.

It’s all about the motion in the ocean. And you can’t be content with just limiting yourself to one or two simple moves. Diversify your repertoire and keep her guessing. You don’t want to settle into some predictable routine. It takes the thrill out of the experience.

9. Make sure that you cut your fingernails.

You have to be able to make use of your hands if you want her to be happy in the bedroom. But you can’t use your hands in a pleasurable manner if your fingernails are getting in the way.

10. Be generous and let her finish.

It can’t always be about you. You have to allow her to finish too. She has just as much right as you to have a good time. Ask her how she wants it to be done and be generous.

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