This Couple Proves That Physical Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Love

They say that “love is blind” a lot and that looks to play very minimal roles in true love. When it comes to true love, it’s true when they say that the physical appearance of a person matters very little.

It shouldn’t really matter what size a person is or how they are shaped. Love is always able to overcome these very shallow and superficial things.

In this modern age, a lot of people seem to be placing a heavy premium on the sizes and appearances of people when scouting for a potential partner. And that’s fine.

However, everyone should realize that as the relationship gets deeper and deeper, a person’s looks will matter less and less. And that’s exactly how you know when a love is true.

It’s the kind of love that persists even when the looks fade. And that’s also the kind of love that we will be discussing in this article right here.

This particular couple has proven to the world that looks and disparities in size matter very little in a relationship that’s filled with true love. It doesn’t really matter what size your body has. It’s really about the size of your heart.

Even though so many people in this contemporary age value looks and appearances, Elo and Mara are able to break that mold. These two people have proved that true love is alive and healthy these days and that it is always able to transcend mere physical appearances.

They make a lot of us still believe in the idea of happy endings. Mara is an incredibly attractive girl whose face is as beautiful as her soul’s. She is the kind of girl who would make for the perfect dream girl for a lot of guys. Elo is a man who is typically seen by most of society as someone who has many flaws and imperfections.

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By society’s standards, he isn’t really a guy who has “leading man” material. He is differently abled and he has substantial problems when it comes to height. However, according to the couple, fate decided for them to fall in love. They claim that it was the universe conspiring for them to meet and get into a relationship with one another. And they couldn’t be happier about how things have turned out.

Elo is a guy who is so incredibly thankful for the love that Mara has for him despite all of his physical challenges and perceived flaws. According to Elo, Mara is the most perfect woman he could ever dream about. He says that she is the answer to all of his prayers.

Elo was very grateful to be loved by Mara despite all his imperfections. For Elo, Mara is the perfect woman and the answer to all his prayers.

 “You know, I had a lot of questions for God. Why? Why me? I didn’t get the answers then, but now that you’re in front of me, I realize that you are the answer to all of my questions… to all my prayers… and much, much more. Who would have known that an imperfect Elo, would be chosen by a perfect Mara? Thank you, Lord,” said Elo.

Mara echoed Elo’s strong feelings and passion in her own vows. She said that even she was a flawed and imperfect human being even though they might not be as physically visible to the rest of the world as Elo’s are. She still promised to love Elo with all of her soul in spite of the many challenges that they knew they were going to face as a couple.

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“I will love you, forever as the day more. Nothing is more important to me that our love for each other. And I feel so blessed and grateful, that you loved me despite my imperfections, always seeing the gold in me even if I reflect silver. I believe I’m the helpmate God’s design especially for you. And I promise to be the arms that you need to reach your star and the legs that you need to take too big steps. My arms and legs are made to be the extension of yours.”, said Mara.

Mara and Elo give us hope. They make us believe in a relationship that is strong enough to withstand the chatter and noise from the outside people. They prove that when it comes to true love, physical appearances play very little roles. These two have grown so much in their love for one another that they are now blessed with a beautiful baby boy named Liam.

At the end of the day, all relationships are going to be faced with their fair share of challenges and problems. However, there are very few relationship issues in the world that true love would not be able to fix.

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