This Woman says “dating is miserable” after being Ghosted & Accused

This is a story about Nik & Josh. The two met on an online dating website and really hit it off. After a few conversations where it seemed like things were off to a great start, they decided to go on their first date.

Nik posted about their first date, saying:

“We spent six hours together. He made a reservation for a restaurant that he chose. We met there. We had dinner. Then we left. We walked around the little town we were in. I ended up getting some ice cream, which I paid for.”

They had a great time getting to know each other and enjoyed each other’s company. But after that first date, things started to go downhill as Josh started to show who he truly was. Nik had planned a second date with Josh, but he went silent on her – ghosting her.

Nik said:

“He kind of completely disappears. He goes MIA, which I understood to an extent because he was on a work trip, but he wasn’t really communicating with me at all.”

At first, she gave him the benefit of the doubt because it was Christmas time, and Josh was supposed to be busy with work. But after she started texting him to ask about what happened – that’s when things came to light. Josh was not the kind of man Nik was expecting him to be.

Josh, who finally replied back on Christmas Day, asked her how her Christmas was, to which Nik replied:

“Are we just gonna pretend (you) didn’t just completely disappear when we were supposed to see each other last Sunday? I get it. Life gets busy, but you totally could’ve at least just communicated with me instead of leaving me in the dark.”

Nik, also known as @__nikk1 on TikTok, posted a video about the incident showing their conversation to prove her point. Her video gained more than 1.1 million views, with everyone unanimously being on Nik’s side for not giving in to Josh’s sad and tasteless ways.

Josh accused Nik of being after his money. He accused her of rushing to the bathroom during their first date when the bill was about to arrive. He also told Nik that he isn’t after “such women” who want him for his “trust fund.”

According to Josh:

“I hate it when girls do that. It’s exceptionally rude and cheap; and really disrespectful and I felt like you really didn’t care despite what I felt from you.”

To which Nik replied:

‘I personally think it’s very telling of who you are that that’s how you view me when it genuinely not intentional. I really wish that you had communicated that with me sooner if that was an issue so that I could’ve set the record straight but unfortunately we ended up here.’

After a long back-and-forth, Josh’s final messages read:

“Just because I have a f***ing trust fund doesn’t (mean) I like using it to cover others girls’ drinks, it’s so rude. Merry Christmas and I’m happy you got your commission.”

Suffice it to say; the internet had something completely different to say on the matter. Everyone supported Nik for standing her ground and wanting a real relationship with someone who connected with her emotionally – not someone who thinks he has a trust fund that every woman on the planet is trying to chase after.

We hope you find someone who isn’t so majorly pretentious and naive, Nik. More power to you for standing your ground!


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