Two Ex-Lovers Meet Again After 30 Years And There Is Only Silence Between Them

Love. It’s something that is so coveted. But also, it’s often so complicated and misunderstood. Love is beautiful. But there are times wherein it also becomes haunting. There is just no denying that love has a very profound impact on people. And that is especially true for people who are very much in touch with their feelings and emotions.

Think about it for a second. Who among us is most likely to be in touch with our feelings and emotions the most? Well, the artists. Artists are always going to be considered as the most eccentric among us. They have very creative minds and a lot of their creativity is fueled by all of the heavy feelings and emotions that they carry with them.

That is why when artists fall in love, there is always going to be some added emotional weight there. There’s a whole other level of beauty, somber, and melodrama that comes with falling in love when you are a creative spirit. You have to deal with so many feelings and emotions. And you are dealing with them in such deep and profound levels.

It’s safe to assume that love stories between two artists might actually be some of the greatest we will ever know. And here is one love story in particular between two artists that you might be interested in reading about.

The girl is Marina Abramovic, a skilled artist in her own right. Back in the 1970s, Marina was in a relationship with a man named Ulay. They were very much in love and they were both artists at heart. They let their emotionality and creativity fuel the passion that they had between the two of them. But then, like many other relationships, they just couldn’t find a way to work things out.

They eventually had to break up. But they didn’t part ways in a typical fashion. No. They went to the opposite sides of the Great Wall of China. And they walked and walked until they meet each other in the middle. When they met, they gave each other one last embrace as a couple. And they parted ways.

They never saw one another again after that… until now.

More than 3 decades after the two shared that final embrace on the Great Wall of China, Marina was holding a live performance piece. She sat at a table spending one minute of just complete silence with strangers who decided to sit in front of her. She just sat there in front of the stranger; trying to gather their energy and their spirit.

It was an exercise of the soul for Marina. Just interacting with other human beings without even needing to say a single word. It was definitely a different experience for Marina with each and every person. But there is one man in particular who managed to stand out.

There sat a man in front of her and it was a familiar face. In fact, it was a face that she had last seen 30 years ago. It was Ulay. It was their first time to see each other since they parted ways on the Great Wall. It was such an emotional and beautiful moment that the two shared with one another.

And Marina, being the artist that she is, stayed true to her craft. She was silent. She stayed silent. She didn’t utter a single word. But you could see on her face the gravity of the emotions that were going through her system. You could just feel the love that the two of them shared with one another.

Marina couldn’t help herself. She leaned forward and held her hands outstretched. Ulay indulged her and held them in return. They looked longingly into each other’s tear-filled eyes. And once Ulay’s 60 seconds were up, he got up and exited the table.

Who knew that you could feel such a whirlwind of emotions in just 60 seconds? That’s exactly what took place between these two former lovers. And if you want to witness it for yourself, then go ahead and click the link to the full video below:

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