Virginia Woman Found a Snake Inside a Popcorn Bag at the Local Grocery Store

A woman in Virginia went to a grocery store to get a few things, and she found a snake inside a popcorn bag there.

According to WTVR, Kimberly Slaughter went to do her grocery shopping at Shoppers Value in Kenbridge and bought a bag of popcorn. When she put the popcorn bag on her cart, she noticed that there were a few droppings on the bag.

Speaking to the outlet, Kimberly said that at first, she thought those were mouse droppings on the packet.

“I was like, I’m not getting that bag, so I put it on the bottom shelf because there was already mouse poop covering the bottom shelves.”

She further added that after noticing that, she took the bag and went on to get another one. But suddenly noticed a tiny hole in the top right corner of the bag.

“As soon as I went to put the bag in my basket to take it upfront because, you know, they can’t sell it. The thing had popped out, and you know, I was like, ‘Oh, well, hi!'”

“That “thing” was a snake.” She said.

“I was shocked. Then I immediately pushed my grocery cart, with the bag of popcorn and snake still inside, to the front of the store to let an employee know about the issue.”

“They’re like; this doesn’t ever happen here. But the bottom shelf has no merchandise on it because of the simple fact that mice get on it.”

Slaughter said that she handed over the popcorn bag to a store employee, but the snake had crawled out of it, and she saw that it was moving towards the

Slaughter said that while she was at the front of the store, the snake crawled out of the bag and started moving on the floor.

“It was the full length of the cart. It had prime real estate, though.” She told WTVR.

She said that a worker caught the snake and threw it outside.

“I have a baby, and he is just starting to walk. So imagine if he was a little bit older, or if my niece had gone and been like, ‘Hey, I want some popcorn,’ and grabbed that bag, and it bit her. It’s not safe. It’s not healthy.”

When Scripps station WTVR reached out to the store manager, Brian Stanley, for a statement on the incident, he said,

“We have no idea where it came from. We are investigating and trying to find out where it came from, but we have no other indication that there could be any others.”

“Although we use mouse traps sporadically when we have a need for them, but more so for prevention. He added.

Kimberly told the outlet that she would report this issue to the Virginia Department of Health because what happened in her presence could have been dangerous, and she wants to ensure it doesn’t happen again. However, she added that she wouldn’t want the store to be shut down for good.

 “I don’t want them to shut it down for good as it’s one of the only places to purchase groceries in the small town. But I want to make sure that it won’t happen again. Ever.”

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Images & Featured Images Credits: WTVR

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  1. Was this an utz product? I live in the town utz products are made and it is very rare we see any snakes.

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