‘We Charged our Teen Daughter RENT After She Refused to Attend College’

A Texas couple divided the social media users in their opinion after admitting that they charged their teen daughter rent to live at home after she refused to attend college.

Erica and Cody Archie from Gatesville, Texas, who go by the username @bar7ranch on social media, have a huge following on their Instagram and TikTok accounts said they decided to charge their 19-year-old daughter $200 a month to live at home.

The decision was made in 2022 after their daughter Kylee Deason decided she would not attend college after finishing school.

“Our thought together is that since [Kylee] has graduated I told her… I been telling her, “June the first, our rent’s due if you continue to live here,”‘ Cody said in the couple’s viral video.

“I thought that was a little harsh, I mean maybe a little leeway,’ said Erika, though the two were in general agreement. 200 bucks a month is plenty cheap to live like a grub in your parents’ house,” he added. “That’s cheaper than she eats in food,’ said Erika. ‘We think it teaches them a good lesson in paying bills.”

Reacting to their video, hundreds of people shared their views in their comment sections on both TikTok and Instagram. While some viewers agreed with the couple’s theory, many disagreed, and some even labeled Erika and Cody as ‘bad parents’ and ‘selfish parents.’

“A definite no for me… I know it’s rare, but I will forever help my kids… no matter the age,” one wrote.

“I think it should be done more often. So many adults (well into adulthood) move into the house and don’t contribute. Contribute in some way,” a second said.

“Yes my oldest pays rent or goes to tech school or college, and he pays his portion of the phone bill. I also charge him $200 a month,” a third agreed.

“Charging rent? No. Some kids graduate at 17. I’m not making a 17 year old kid pay rent. Not calling them grubs,” said another.

“Right out of high school seems harsh. 18 year olds are still just kids at that age. Maybe take the rent and put it in an account and give it to her,” another chimed in.

“I make the girls pay for there phone bill and The oldest pays insurance for her car.They are both enrolled in college so no rent. My oldest buys also,” wrote another parent.

“My Dad made me! He put it in a savings account that my uncle had access to because he KNEW my Mom would spend it! I used it for a down payment on a house,” someone said.

“If the goal is to teach the responsibility of paying a bill, why not do something that’d benefit them as well. Like a credit card with a low limit that can easily be paid off and will help build credit?” asked someone else.

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  1. Kids should contribute to the family if they stay in the home. Give them a utility bill to pay. Kids don’t make that much money right out of school. So paying 200.00 is a little steep. Keep their rooms clean. Set the table for dinner, dishes. If you see we are needing milk or bread buy it without being asked.

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