What Does It Mean When a Cancer Woman Ignores You?

When a Cancer Woman Ignores You

Cancer women tend to be some of the most sensitive and emotional people you are ever going to meet. So, you know that there’s trouble when a Cancer woman ignores you. They are typically mindful of the kind of emotional impact that they can have on other people. Also, they crave the love, care, and attention from the people around them. However, if they’re acting as if they want nothing to do with you, then you know that there’s something serious that’s going on here. How to attract a cancer man – Romantic Guide

It’s not always easy figuring a Cancer woman out because of how emotional she is. If you just don’t possess the same kind of empathy and sensitivity, then it’s just never going to work out for you. It’s not going to be an easy process at all. This is why articles like this are really important. This is going to offer you some valuable perspective on your situation so that you don’t have to end up feeling lost or confused. After all, when it comes to the world of feelings and emotions, things can get a little confusing now and then.

Now, it’s time to answer the question: what does it mean when a Cancer woman ignores you? For us to get to the bottom of this, we have to turn to astrology.

What Does Astrology Say?

Well, unlike other Zodiac signs, the Cancer woman isn’t all that hard to figure out at this point. There is only ever one reason that could contribute to a Cancer woman giving you the cold shoulder. Think about it. She’s an emotionally open person. She would always want to open herself up to a conversation with someone she cares about. It doesn’t make sense for her to ever give you the silent treatment. 11 signs that you are definitely a Cancer.

This is all accurate. This is her nature. However, there is one thing that can push her over the edge: emotional unavailability. Just because she’s emotionally open doesn’t mean that she’s going to allow herself to be a doormat. She is still going to want to only interact with those who are emotionally available to her. So, if you are giving her any kind of emotional unavailability, then she isn’t going to want much to do with you. She isn’t going to want to spend much time with you.

Winning Her Back

Ultimately, getting her to trust you again is just a matter of letting her know that she is in a safe space. You need to make her feel like you are open and receptive enough to her and her feelings. You have to show her that she can feel comfortable with you. This is key in winning her trust back. Keep in mind that she’s allowing herself to be vulnerable with you. The least that you could do is show her the same kind of vulnerability. Return that gesture. 6 personality flaws you may find in a Cancerian Male.

No matter how difficult it might be for you, emotional unavailability is an ultimate deal-breaker for a Cancer.

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