What Does it Mean When a Gemini Man Ignores You?

when a gemini man ignores you

Gemini – the twins. This is the friendliest Zodiac sign out of all twelve. Belonging to Air, it’s the third sign of the Zodiac. Gemini men are super social, outgoing, adventurous, inventive, love to live vicariously. When a Gemini man ignores you, it means you did something to hurt him or bother him to a point where he has no other option but to stay quiet.

Today, I am going to list down a few common reasons why a Gemini man ignores you.

Four reasons why a Gemini man ignores you:

1. He’s heartbroken.

When a Gemini Man Ignores You

Gemini men are some of the most emotional human beings on the planet. If you hurt a Gemini man’s feelings, it’s going to show. He’s not going to hold his emotions or feelings back; he’s going to be very expressive in his pain. Gemini men are pacifists; they don’t engage in arguments and fights very quickly. They’d rather keep the pain to themselves than to get into a whole situation with you. A Gemini man is going to continue to himself, thinking of ways to fix the problem on their own, because they’re also very self-sufficient.

2. You’re too inquisitive.

When a Gemini Man Ignores You

Geminis are talkative; they love having detailed and descriptive conversations that hold some actual meaning to life. When a Gemini man doesn’t want to talk about a specific subject, it means he doesn’t want to. It’s going to hurt him if he talks about it. This, in turn, will make him start ignoring you. Don’t take it personally; try to deal with this in a more calm and collected manner. Don’t be curious about personal problems too early in the friendship or relationship; he will eventually tell you everything himself.

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3. He’s just busy.

When a Gemini Man Ignores You

Gemini is hardworking individuals; they’d stay up for three nights in a row if they had to for work. If he’s ignoring you, it’s a possible chance he’s busy with work and not doing it on purpose. Give him some benefit of the doubt when you know he has a busy schedule, and he’s trying his best also to find time for you. Gemini men are supportive; they always remember the importance of their partners and friends. Life is real, and it also gets pretty hectic for most of us.

4. His heart is not in it.

When a Gemini Man Ignores You

When a Gemini man ignores you, it could be because he’s generally not interested in the idea of the two of you. Gemini men are very selective about who they open up to. Being emotional creatures, they fall in love pretty hard, and they don’t ignore very easily. So, if a Gemini man ignores you, it could very well mean he doesn’t feel any real passion or emotion in this, and he’d rather keep to himself.

What to do when a Gemini man ignores you?

When a Gemini Man Ignores You

Gemini men like passion and care, they’d do anything for a partner who’d pay attention to their emotions. If your Gemini man ignores you, be kind and calm towards him. He’s an emotional being, be nervous with him.

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  1. Hello , I have a question. The Gemini guy I work with started to text me I miss with emoji kisses…Than he hugged me and it felt like he didnt want to let go. After that he said can” I kiss you” I said not yet j later on I would text him or call him but he wouldn’t reply. I dont know what happened here. Does he like me? Or was he just saying it to flirt. When I confronted him about it he said I kinda like you but I’m confused I have alot going on I dont want to hurt you, let’s just be friends. I felt like he was playing me . I felt brokenhearted, I really developed feelings for him I do care about him. I just dont know what to do from here.

  2. Silva you have to let him go . I have experience dating Gemini men & one thing I’ve realized is they are very black and white meaning their are no gray when they say things they want you to pay attention because they are really two personalities in one within that person .

  3. What can it mean when a Gemini man refuses your help in a task and asks the favour to another person telling he didn’t want to overload me, without informing me afterwards of he’s decision?

  4. Hello I have a question. About 5 months ago my gemini ex boyfriend got back in touch after 7years and we got talking again and it was nice and 1 month ago I stayed at his place for the first time and it was nice and we still talked loads and we talked about me staying again the other day and now he hasn’t replied to any of my messages and it’s been 3 days what do I do?.

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