What Does it Mean When A Girl Winks at You?

when a girl winks at you

When a girl winks at you, it’s the most direct form of flattery and appreciation. Simply put, she’s flirting with you, and she’s not afraid to show it. When a woman winks at you, she’s telling you she likes you. She’s fascinated by you and is curious about you. When someone winks at you, it’s harmless flattery.

How should I react if a girl winks at me?


Don’t be shy, and don’t get awkward. You need to show that you’re a confident guy, and you know she’s flirting with you. When someone appreciates you, they’re making it easy for you to approach them. Go up to her and spark a conversation. Flirtatious attempts and signals should not be ignored.

What should I do if a girl winks at me and I’m in a relationship?


When you’re in a committed relationship with someone, you have to be careful not to hurt your partner’s feelings. Their feelings are worth more than anything else to you, and you’d do anything to make them happy. If a girl winks at you when you’re committed, smile and move on, trust me, smile, and move on.

When a girl winks at you, does it mean she loves you?



It’s more complicated than that. If she’s your girlfriend, yes. If she’s a stranger, no. A stranger is merely admiring you, flirting with you and checking you out. It doesn’t have much emotional value unless it ends up becoming a conversation that leads to a meaningful friendship or relationship. When a girl winks at you, she’s giving you an unambiguous signal that at this very moment, you’re being admired and appreciated by someone purely based on how much you look after yourself. It means she’s impressed by your appearance.

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  1. Girl winked at me today at work, I thought about it a minute then thought about how I was at work, then I thought about how much I need my job, so using the big head I ignored her and went back to work.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. Being winked at means you are being patronized or condescended to by someone who is momentarily tolerating you.

  3. Ok
    Was at a restaurant, the waitress was an attractive Mexican woman, with a fantastic accent. I was very attracted to her. She caught me looking at her when she was doing something else there. Later taking care of the bill, she winked at me. And it’s been driving me crazy thinking if it means anything.
    What was her reason for doing that you think?

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