What Does it Mean When a Scorpio Man Ignores You?

when a scorpio man ignores you

The eighth sign of the Zodiac is Scorpio. It’s one of the Water signs. A Scorpio man is a good decision-maker, and he’s always going to stick to what he wants regardless of what anyone says. When a Scorpio man ignores you, there are ways you can find out the real reason behind the ignorance. And it’s not going to be a walk in the park because Scorpio men are very assertive in their decisions and life choices. But I still have a few common traits they show when they’re ignoring you.

Five reasons why a Scorpio man ignores you:

1. He isn’t sure about you.

when a scorpio man ignores you

For someone assertive about life in general, a Scorpio man will ignore you if he’s unsure about you. He won’t open up about it either. When a Scorpio man doesn’t see anything positive to come out of the relationship, he won’t get involved, to begin with.

2. He is genuinely busy.

when a scorpio man ignores you

When a Scorpio man is genuinely caught up in a lot of work, he’s going to end up ignoring you and a lot of his friends in the process. Remember, he is passionate about his life and is very assertive about himself and what he does. When he goes AWOL, it probably means he’s genuinely busy with work. The benefit of the doubt is always needed in such situations.

3. He is heartbroken.

when a scorpio man ignores you

When a Scorpio man is heartbroken, he’s going to ignore those around him. He’s going to take his time and heal his heart before he can be emotional with somebody else. When a Scorpio man ignores you, it could be a genuine possibility he’s heartbroken and doesn’t want to talk about it. Give him some time; he’ll come around.

4. He is angry.

when a scorpio man ignores you

When a Scorpio man is angry, he’s going to ignore the person he’s upset with. It’s common among Scorpios; they tend to stay away from fights and disagreements. They like living a positive-reinforced life and wouldn’t do anything to hurt that.

5. He’s a Scorpio man.

when a scorpio man ignores you

Yes, Scorpio men are spontaneous and sporadic. They have moods, and they also change them pretty quickly if their emotions tell them to. And being assertive individuals, they always go with their gut feeling in life. Just let him have his time and explain how it’s affecting you. He will always respect and adore the fact that you’ve been so open and pure about your emotions and feelings.

6. He’s in trouble.

when a scorpio man ignores you

When a Scorpio man is going through a rough patch, they’re going to do a lot of things unintentionally. It’s because they’re so passionate about everything that they can’t function like themselves when catastrophe hits. Give him the benefit of the doubt and let him have all the time he needs. If he doesn’t come around in a few weeks, then you can go towards the other signs above, but wait for him to have his healing period.

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  1. My Scorpio man and I we been together for almost 2years and we always have arguments for small things to big things and i know it’s all my fault because of my mood swings. The. One day he just messaged me “I’m sorry I’m so tried about the fights and argues this is me I don’t want to have problem and being worst to myself. I’m trying to figure out what is better to us than to fight always.” He’s not call or text for 3weeks now. I already text him that I’m sorry. And never reply what will I do.

  2. It’s exhausting been with a scorpio man. His mood swings & how he changes his emotions faster than light is so annoying and tiring. He wants people to understand when he stops communicating without him telling you the reasons as if people are magicians or sth! I’m tired and not even sure if i love him anymore. But all i know is that i can’t breakup with him! It’s so weird.

  3. I’ve been seeing this Scorpio man for a little over a month. We see eachother about once a week. He’s super kind and fun. Says he likes me. But his actions show otherwise. He says he never intends to do that. (Hard to believe) I just don’t know where I stand with him. I’m a Virgo; he’s obvious a Scorpio which makes us compatable through astrology. He doesn’t text me all the time but says I can text him whenever; that it doesn’t bug him. He likes feeling in control. Idk what to do. I feel like I’m being played but I also want to be patient.

  4. I love a Scorpio man, but we have not had any contact for 18 years. He’s too busy with work, I’m thinking maybe he’s using his celebrity status as an excuse to not end up in a relationship. I’m thinking that he’s turned the other way like his sexual orientation, I just didn’t know about (absolute worse feeling) I’m finding it hard to trust men at all. I’ve carried this anger for so long!

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