What Does it Mean When an Aries Man Ignores You?

when an aries man ignores you

Aries is the first Zodiac sign and belongs to the element of Fire. An Aries man is decisive, emotional, loving, caring, and highly nurturing. He is a fantastic partner to have and a beautiful friend to keep. When an Aries man ignores you, it’s for a good reason. It’s not like him to ignore someone he loves or respects; he’s always going to be very vocal and straight-forward about how he’s feeling inside.

When an Aries man ignores you, he’s going to show a lot of visible signs that’ll indicate it. He will let you know, with his words or his actions, that he’s hurt by you and is trying to fix his emotions. Also, if he’s a potential romantic interest and he’s ignoring you, it may have a completely different meaning attached. Let’s find out.

Four reasons why an Aries man ignores you:

1. He doesn’t want to fight.

When an Aries Man Ignores You

If an Aries man is upset with you and knows it’s going to turn into a full-blown argument, he’s not going to let it happen. He’d rather see you smile than be upset, so he keeps his emotions to himself – this leads him to start ignoring you. To fix this situation, you need to have a heart to heart with him and explain how it’s okay to have arguments and to discuss negative emotions. An Aries man is a keeper.

2. He’s going through a dark time.

When an Aries Man Ignores You

When an Aries man goes through a difficult or challenging time in his life, he’s going to get significantly affected by it. His emotions are going to be all over the place, and he’s going to need all the support he can get. But, Aries is also very independent; he will never ask for help. He would instead fix his issues on his own than ask for help; it’s one of the signs of strength in Aries men. Now, of course, this has repercussions – you being ignored sometimes. To fix this, explain how it’s okay to ask for help.

3. He doesn’t see a point.

When an Aries Man Ignores You

An Aries man is a decisive individual, he’ll always know what to do with life, and it’s different decisions. He would instead not take things forward if he doesn’t see it having a proper future. For an Aries man, prospects are always going to be necessary. And if he doesn’t see a point, he’s going to start ignoring you because he would never want to hurt you so upfront. It’s not in an Aries man’s nature to hurt someone on purpose; they’d never do that.

4. He is heavily involved with work.

When an Aries Man Ignores You

Aries is a struggling soul. An Aries man is going to move mountains to make his dreams come true; he will do whatever it takes to reach his goals. He may even ignore you in the process, but don’t take it personally because it’s for the greater good. We all have our ways of dealing with things; Aries will always work hard.

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  1. It’s been one month now. His brother told me he has decided to end the relationship. When I asked him about it he didn’t reply. What shall I understand?

  2. What if I was engaged and I caught my fiancé talking to another female and was told it was for conversation due to our long distance relationship. We talk now every so often but I’m still in love. How will I know it will work out after the space that was asked to work on ourselves individually.

  3. I have been talking to an Aries man going on 2 months now. I really like him and I feel he does me too. But, I speak my mind maybe too much. He does work a lot which prevents us from more communication. He’s getting ready for tour. He’s a musician artist. We only spoke through text a few times yesterday morning and that was it and today I’ve gotten nothing from him no text, no call, no nothing. I’m worried now that he is ending what we did have . Why couldn’t he just tell me goodbye instead of ignoring me?

  4. I can see that he look at me sometimes but mostly ignores me ,when he see ,he see differently , he’s good with everyone but totally ignores me probably because I ignore him too to avoid being panic or doing something stupid.he is Aries.

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