What Does it Mean When She Blocks You on Everything?

when she blocks you on everything

We live in the clouds, metaphorically. Our phones have more than half our lives embedded within them, and the collection of memories only grows as we do. Our social media presence is essential to us. In short, when she blocks you on everything, it means she’s done with you. When a woman breaks up with you and never wants to go back, she will block and delete you from all of her social media existence.

She will even block your number on her phone – no more calls or texts. When she blocks you everywhere, she is sending you a conclusive message. She wants you to know there’s not coming back, and there are no second chances. She is done with the relationship and or friendship, and she does not want to go back to it again. She has decided she isn’t taking it back. A strong woman will always be very head-on with her decisions; she doesn’t beat around the bush; she will make sure you know she’s done.

What should I do when she blocks me on everything?

When she blocks you on everything, your best bet is to stay away from her and move on from the relationship. The love is gone, the spark is gone, it did not work out. People have problems, all couples do, but when two people can’t seem to sort out their problems is when things start going South.

If you have been blocked from all platforms and you still love her, you need to wait and hope she comes back. But not more than you can afford to. Don’t spend your entire life waiting for someone. Love yourself enough to know when to stop waiting and start moving forward towards a brighter future.

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Talk to me

Not going to lie, someone has also blocked me from everywhere at one point in life. It happens, it’s life, we learn, and we move on. Has this happened to you? Talk to me in the comments below!

  1. A girl blocks me on everything and I don’t know her as well she don’t know me and I did nothing to her. Should I keep contacting her cause I have and nothing works blocks after blocks

  2. My girl blocked me only on WhatsApp but didn’t block me on Twitter and Instagram or blocked me from calling or texting her. What should I do?

  3. She was best friend I proposed her it didnot work out we called it end but remained friends but suddenly she blocks me and says we are distant.After talking she unblocks me and avoids me and again blocks and when called upon again she unblocks me and afterwards she says we cannot be friends and blocks from everything without saying a word and blocks calls also.

  4. Hah, this just happened to me, I’ve known them fore a while, but when they moved from out from her grandma’s house with her mom is when thing began to change. She slowly unfollowed me from a few things, block me from another account. Seemed petty, and I didn’t know why cuz of the pandemic I haven’t really said too much to them that would be negative. I guess me being a friend was too much and one sided eventually on my part. I’d help them out everynow and then and things would sometimes seem to be okay, but I was unsure and didn’t know how to address her behavior towards me so I left it alone. Now today I noticed they blocked me on pretty much everything after a 7 year friendship out of no where. Like it sucks, cuz they do art and I liked to look at it, and share so others could see, since they do commissions and stuff. The wild part to me is that they systematically went to every piece of social media related thing they could think of, looked me up specifically and blocked my account. Its not like we even conversed heavily on some of those platforms either, which is why it seems so unnecessarily vendictive to me. I have no clue either. I’m still in mutual discord servers with them, but I’m sure they will talk around any comment I make and ignor me. I could make alts and quietly watch if I really want to see, but i just kinda weird to do that. I might ask if I ever see them in person tho, and finnalize things in my own terms. It just shows in life, you can’t support everyone because they aren’t worth it in the end, if they want to do it this way. I do know better people than her in that regard, so I’ll be fine I guess

  5. A girl blocks me on on every platform of social media,so should I keep contacting her because I have still feelings for her and I have done all possible ways to contact her but nothing works and results block after blocks.

  6. My girlfriend lies in every single bit of what she tells me,when I tried correcting her all she did was to block me

  7. Same thing happened to me. When i wanted answers. I received full block. Perhaps that is my big answer, that i have waited for. Also yours. It is clear.

  8. Well my girlfriend blocked me on instagram facebook not snapchat or text maybe because we have a child but she doesnt even text me at all or call she only calls when she wants to and wont pick up or text me back when I text her

    1. My girlfriend blocked me once we had a huge fight and she quote on quote told me leave her alone for good. She blocked me everywhere but we were fighting a lot and this was an online thing we were suppose to meet irl and start a family. 🤷🏻‍♂️I guess things don’t always work out so I’m not holding my breathe anymore for her to ever contact me again..I will always deep down love her. I even cut my exes off for her. I felt like I was played in many ways. But hopefully I’ll find that special someone.

  9. A girl I was on and off with blocked me today on snap, we still clicked pretty well and we’re both flirty, we were chill, and I check on a message and I see “pending” and I don’t know what I did.

  10. Don’t bother beating yourself up as it’s not going to work out. I loved a woman and we had a 13 year relationship and she left her phone at home and her 17 year old daughter went through the messages I had sent my partner and they were in reference to her daughter.
    The shit hit the fan instantly and the relationship was terminated immediately.
    I was then blocked on every possible platform known to mankind and it hurt but when it’s done there is no coming back from this.
    Poor communication skills and the daughter is still a dick .

  11. One guy and one lady were good professional colleagues. The guy wanted to be bit personal and sent couple of emotional whatsapp messages. The lady gave subtle hints, but the guy did not understand. Then one day out of anxiety he made 7-8 calls. The the lady blocks his calls, whatsapp. He suffers from OCD, now undergoing. Only some professional communication is happening between them. Is there any chance she will ever unblock.

  12. We had a bad day and a bad weak..poor communication with each other and simple misunderstandings. I got a little overbearing, she had told me. I tried to apologize and later that day I noticed that I had been blocked from everything! She had done this before, we talked it out. I was unblocked and now we’re back to being blocked. I’m not sure if she’s trying to punish me or she’s absolutely done. At any rate, I am not upset about it , like I had been before. We were friends and we had a good relationship..minus her not really talking to me about problems. Anyway I am hoping that she will open up again. If not then I will be fine. I’m going to give her the space she needs. Hope for the best.

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