when she blocks you on everything

What Does it Mean When She Blocks You on Everything?

We live in the clouds, metaphorically. Our phones have more than half our lives embedded within them, and the collection of memories only grows as we do. Our social media presence is essential to us. In short, when she blocks you on everything, it means she’s done with you. When a woman breaks up with you and never wants to go back, she will block and delete you from all of her social media existence.

She will even block your number on her phone – no more calls or texts. When she blocks you everywhere, she is sending you a conclusive message. She wants you to know there’s not coming back, and there are no second chances. She is done with the relationship and or friendship, and she does not want to go back to it again. She has decided she isn’t taking it back. A strong woman will always be very head-on with her decisions; she doesn’t beat around the bush; she will make sure you know she’s done.

What should I do when she blocks me on everything?

When she blocks you on everything, your best bet is to stay away from her and move on from the relationship. The love is gone, the spark is gone, it did not work out. People have problems, all couples do, but when two people can’t seem to sort out their problems is when things start going South.

If you have been blocked from all platforms and you still love her, you need to wait and hope she comes back. But not more than you can afford to. Don’t spend your entire life waiting for someone. Love yourself enough to know when to stop waiting and start moving forward towards a brighter future.

Talk to me

Not going to lie, someone has also blocked me from everywhere at one point in life. It happens, it’s life, we learn, and we move on. Has this happened to you? Talk to me in the comments below!