What to buy your girlfriend when she’s mad at you?

What to buy your girlfriend when she’s mad at you? Buy her something she likes. But make it special. When she’s mad at you, you need these small gestures to show her you’re sorry. I always tell couples to make little gifts for each other, crafty items, etc. But a flower still works wonders; it has to be her favorite flower, though. And if you don’t know what your girlfriend’s favorite flower is, I think I understand why she’s mad at you.

Don’t get anything lavish or expensive; it’s going to come off as a very pushy and forced apology. You need to be sentimental about this; items don’t have any value unless we attach our sentiments to those items. So give it some emotion, write something romantic on the front, go the extra mile, and be as creative as you can. Women prefer creativity over watches and perfumes.

Don’t make it visible; make sure it’s something she wouldn’t expect. I recently bought my wife a book she mentioned in conversation four years ago; she got so excited that I remembered that conversation, and she loved the gift. It wasn’t expensive; it was actually like 4 dollars. This, again, proves my point that money is never the source of happiness or sadness; it is merely an instrument to extend your horizons. Your sentiments should always shine in your gifts to each other. These are those special little moments that you guys will cherish for the rest of your lives! So make the most of it and give her something she’ll keep close to her heart for a very long time.

A small charm locket would also be a lovely gift. They’re cheap and beautiful. Being creative means playing it smart. You don’t need money to be a good gift, giver. Also, love letters still exist, and are always adored!

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