Who Women Should Date According to their Zodiac matches

Ladies, this is for you.

Astrology doesn’t define our lives and I’m really not that much of a horoscope person. Still, there are some intriguing things that fascinate me about this discipline. Sometimes, our Zodiac signs have a correlation with our lives. Every guy has different personality traits. Not every guy is suitable for you. Sometimes, Zodiac signs can tell us about the different personality traits a person might possess and what can we expect to encounter after meeting someone. However, we should always keep it open and make an informed decision after completely knowing someone inside out.

Here is a guide for women on whom they should date and whom they shouldn’t, according to astrology. Remember, this guide is not the final word and people can always surprise you.

  1. Aries Women:

Aries women are mavericks. They are really independent. They need space for their individual growth. They are bold, passionate and fierce in what they do. They don’t like anyone who tends to stunt their individual growth.

Should preferably date:

Pisces Men:

They are really sentimental guys and they really care about the Aries girl, listening to her sorrows.

  1. Taurus Women:

Taurus women are people who really enjoy luxury. They want to enjoy all the finer things in life and they are really sincere friends. They have an unprecedented level of loyalty to their friends and are really passionate about their ambitions.

Should preferably date:


Well, Taurus men and women go with each other like a hand fits a glove. Their synchronicity is really astounding.



Cancer guys are really moody but they encourage each other to grow in character and introduce positive vibes inside their life.

  1. Gemini Women:

Gemini women have optimistic outlooks towards life. They always try to find the good things in people, ignoring their faults. They are dreamers and don’t hesitate to go out on adventures.

Should preferably date:


Gemini woman admire a sense of justice. It automatically compels her to be with someone as appreciative towards life’s optimistic side, such as a Libra man.

  1. Cancer Women:

She has mood fluctuations. Sometimes she’ll be happy, at times she’ll completely shut herself off. It’s hard to get Cancerian women it takes a lot of effort to win their trust.

Should preferably date:


Taurus men are really humble, ready to pacify anyone’s anger. Most of all, Taurus men have a way of understanding which a Cancer woman craves; they make the crab want to pop out of its shell and go explore life. And Cancerian women instantly fall for those who make them live life a bit more, each day.

  1. Virgo Women:

Highly understanding and helpful, she needs a man who can calm down her nerves when the stress gets too much.

Should preferably date:


Cancerian man’s ability to put troubles to bed can come in handy for a Virgo girl, as he tries to bring colour into her life.

  1. Leo Women:

She needs to be the centre of attention. They are very friendly but they also egotistic. They either love too passionately or become cold. They don’t like someone who’s hot and cold.

Should preferably date:


These are mostly gentlemen and they appreciate the zeal and zest of Leo. They understand that a Leo girl will require extra effort to please and they’re happy with the effort.

  1. Libra Women:

With a strong sense of fairness, she needs a partner who knows the value and price of things in life and work, both.

Should preferably date:


The Gemini man’s sense of purpose will ensure that the Libra woman gets her goals achieved with combined effort with her Gemini partner, who understands how important it is for his woman.

  1. Scorpio Women:

They’re dominating yet caring so they tend to be with someone who lets them be themselves but also tends to their needs.

Should preferably date:


These men are total charmers with inside jokes that can only be appreciated by a select few including Scorpios. So they can really bring a genuine smile on their Scorpio woman’s face.

  1. Sagittarius Women:

They are very spontaneous, looking for the right sort of partner to go and live life fully with.

Should preferably date:


The upbeat nature of the Gemini guy can really set the mood for a Sagittarius girl spontaneous and all. That will make her enjoy being in her own skin, no matter what.

  1. Capricorn Women:

They are loyal to a fault and demand the same in their partners, all the while looking for an extra bit of fun.

Should preferably date:


Leo men know the importance of work. They don’t just sit there sulking in it, so they will encourage their Capricorn partners to stay strong through it all. Their unflinching resiliency will make their Capricorn woman want to stay strong as well.

  1. Aquarius Women:

Aquarius women take things as they come, all the while being a puzzle to figure out at times. They need more understanding from their special someone.

Should preferably date:


The similarity between these two makes them reach out to forming a strong bond. They are great together in terms of co-operation.

  1. Pisces Women:

Having a quirky outlook on life, they demand love in all of its aspects. A thirst for exploration saves them from being bored of life, hence their partner should be pretty accepting to that kind of thing.

Should preferably date:


The Scorpio man, endearing yet strong, will welcome all the wild and even childish fantasies of his Piscean girl readily.

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