Why Chivalry Needs To Be Kept Alive, As Told By A Man

It is our generation which has protested against the sexual constraints put upon them by governing bodies and religious organisations and they are the ones who have paved their way into sexual liberty. There is the emergence of a new concept that our female counterparts having the same sexual desires for their opposite gender.

Gender equality is a topic which has been discussed time and again and yet its solution is nonexistent. People claim they have eradicated social stereotypes but the situation is quite opposite.

These double standards running rampant in our society have led to the death of a very important moral treasure, Chivalry.

If you try too hard for your girl, then society will label you as a creep or desperate. This is deterrent to the concept of chivalry. This stops guys from treating their girls how they should be treated. Guys nowadays put their ego and pride over everything because of these stereotypes, because they think that girls are more attractive to the so called ‘cool dudes’.

This grants the guys nowadays a defensive wall to conceal their lack of love for their women and an excuse to act as this distant reserved guy who has limited emotions. The thing is that all of this is a lot of cockamamie.

This mindset that the whole society has provided us has ruined us and damaged our emotional intelligence in a horrifying way. The act of doing simple things for our significant other makes us ponder that maybe we’re being too clingy and we end up doing nothing at all and conceal our burgeoning emotions. This is one of the most selfish things anyone can do. How can something that is done with the intention of making your girl happy ever be wrong? It’s time to ask the serious questions from the man in the mirror.

However, it’s always easy to assume that chivalry is an antiquity as told by every guy in the corner of your street who failed in love brutally or has no experience of a relationship whatsoever.

You can either be afraid of embarrassment or choose to make your girl happy. Please choose the other because it is rewarding for you in the long term and the former will only punish you and make you feel miserable. It has led to a lot of relationships being tattered into pieces. – continue reading to next page…

If your girl is watching her favourite drama serial, then sit with her and accompany her even if a friend comes by and makes fun of you. Just laugh along and handle things.

You might be thinking right now:

How can I accomplish all these things? It may take a lot of time and destroy my own social life. It’ll devoid me of my space.

Well, that’s not true. It doesn’t take a lot of time to be a decent guy. It’s the simple things in life that matter. A flower on a regular day to your date or showing up on her dance show could be enough for you to revitaliSe this writhing tradition of chivalry. It’s what has strengthened the bond of love for centuries.

But are all girls alike? I mean some questions might be popping up in your head as of now? Yes, there are a lot of girls who have different preferences and they take advantage of guys and they sleep around and they have a penchant for a one night stand. But, haven’t we done things like that in our lives? Have we not hurt girls for the sake of pleasure and when somebody else shows us the mirror, we certainly become the victims? Man up and face karma. It’s the act of taking risks which will either give you a lesson for life or a person for life. В  В – Continue reading to next page…

Don’t end up holding chivalry culpable for things that are not in your control. It is a fact that not every girl in this world is made for you. You need to go out on a lot of dates to find your soul mate but giving up on chivalry will never find you your perfect match. It will only make you woman-repellant. Treat your girl right and you’ll have some sort of inner satisfaction in your heart that you did all the right things.

You meet a girl in a bar and you don’t get a call back from her and suddenly you’re against the whole female race? Be realistic, see the bigger picture. There’s a whole world out there filled with women who have different personalities but let me tell you one thing, everyone likes to be complemented despite what they say. Everyone wants to be treated like a princess and chivalry is the only thing that will give you the required attributes to do that.

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