Woman said she was dress-coded by the Staff of an Upscale Restaurant – ‘Gave me a Scarf to Cover Up’

A woman shared her experience of being dress-coded by the staff of an upscale restaurant.

The 23-year-old, who goes by the name of @slayraslaye on TikTok posted a video on her account and shared her disappointing encounter with the hotel management of a high-end eatery.

According to VT, ‘In the video, the 23-year-old can be seen furtively filming herself as she sits at the table. A scarf is draped around her shoulders, and she peels it back to allow a quick peek at the outfit she had arrived in – a low-cut green crop top and trousers.’

“When you get dress-coded at an upscale restaurant,” she wrote on her video, with background music, “here comes the w**re”.

“Yes, this scarf belongs to the restaurant… I didn’t know these were the vibes,” her caption read.

Her video clip received more than 700K views on the platform, with 70K likes and nearly 500 comments.

While some people sided with her and criticized the restaurant staff, others agreed that her dress was inappropriate.

“This enrages meeee and all the people saying men get dress coded too … not remotely the same,” one supporter wrote.

“Sorry angel you look UNREAL.”

“This happened to me as well,” another commented. “I was super MAD. Like why do you think you have the right to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t wear. Weird!!!”

“Do they only moral police normal people? What about the celebrities? Like, if it was a Kardashian eating there wearing the exact same thing it’d be OK because they sexualize Kardashians but they don’t like it when we dress, ugh! THE HYPORCRISY!” a third added.

“But… But that is clearly a fancy w**re outfit, not a regular w**re outfit. You look classy as hell,” said another.

On the other hand, many sided with the hotel staff and asked her to dress according to the rules.

“You look gorgeous but no formal restaurant would allow that top,” one person commented.

“Most upscale restaurants have dress codes, usually business/smart casual,” added another.

“I wear business cas to work but wouldn’t be allowed to wear this top there.” A third penned.

“Why is everybody so upset about a dress code?” someone asked.

“If I go to a fancy restaurant I wouldn’t want the other guest look like they’re at the club. So, yeah happened for the right reasons… no need to get mad.”

Amid this discussion of whether her dress was appropriate or not a user asked her to show her full outfit so that people could be sure of what she exactly wore.

“Can you show the outfit? I feel like it’s always for such a stupid reason and you probably looked gorgeous!”

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Sources: VTTikTok      

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