Woman Says Secret to Happy Marriage is Living in a Separate House to Husband

She took personal space to a whole new level….

A woman revealed that she and her husband live in separate houses after marriage, and this living arrangement has made their marriage only ‘stronger.’

Bianca Turetsky, 43, has been married to Peter Bach, 58, since September 2021, and they have been living in separate houses ever since.

After tying the knot with Dr. Peter, Bianca realized she wasn’t ready to bid farewell to the Brooklyn apartment she had lived in for a decade. On the other hand, her husband shared the same feelings about his Manhattan house he shared with his teenage son.

So, the couple decided to keep living in their separate abodes. Recently, Bianca – a best-selling author of Brooklyn, wrote an essay for Today and admitted that living separately from her husband was the best decision of her life, and they are very happy in their marriage.

“Peter, a widower, was coming into our marriage with a teenage son and an adorable schnoodle. I had a studio apartment and a temperamental cat,” she wrote.

“How could we make this marriage something that worked for all of us? Following the traditional playbook wasn’t going to make anyone happy.”

“But why did we have to live by old conventions? Why couldn’t we make it up as we went along? Who says what a good marriage should look like?” she asked.

Turestsky, who is an educator and a swimming enthusiast, added that one of the major reasons for not moving in with his husband is that Peter and his son are severely allergic to cats, which means if they had agreed to live together, she would have to give up her dear pet, Cleo.

“They are severely allergic to cats. Like the throat-closing-up kind of allergies. [That mean] she would never be able to be a part of a home with him,” she added. “I had no plans to have a life without her – no wedding ring was worth giving her up.”

According to Bianca, the secret to their healthy marriage is having separate homes. She said when she tells people about her living arrangement, many people look at her with envy.

“This is not what I expected marriage to look like. It’s so much better,” she wrote. “I like to think they start imagining what a room or apartment of their own may look like.”

“Maybe they start remembering what it was like to eat cereal for dinner while watching reality TV, and dance around in their pajamas like no one is watching. Because on those nights when I am home alone in Brooklyn, I do all those things.”

Bianca said her husband is looking for a new apartment as his son has moved out for college, and he wants to live a ‘few subway stops closer’ so their 38-minute commute time would reduce even further.

“Perhaps in another few years I’ll write a follow-up essay from my cozy sleeping loft about why you should live with your spouse and the dangers of long-distance marriages and the single girl’s guide to dealing with an elderly cat,” she concluded.

“But I’m pretty sure that won’t happen.”

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Source: Today

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