Woman says She would Divorce her Husband if He became Obese

Recently a woman sparked debate by saying that she would divorce her husband if he gained more weight.

The British woman (name not revealed) took to the parenting platform, Mumsnet, and wrote about her husband, who’s gaining weight. The woman said she fears he will become ‘morbidly overweight’ like his father.

She noted that her husband is already on his way to becoming fat like her father-in-law because he prefers munching on fast food daily.

“My father-in-law is morbidly overweight, struggles to walk, etc, and I have nothing against him but dread the thought of my husband being like that. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stay, I want to be active and do things and to be doing that to your own body…” she wrote.

“He’s quickly heading to that direction, though. Him and I never share a meal, he doesn’t eat the healthy food I cook. He would just order a takeaway instead.” 

The woman added that even though she cooks healthy meals for her husband and keeps her freezer full of healthy food, her husband would not eat it because he always resorts to fast food.

She also said that she eats her dinner earlier and won’t eat late in the evenings because she doesn’t want to put on extra weight.

“I eat my dinner earlier as I don’t want to put on weight, I will only eat in the evenings if there’s a special occasion.”

The anonymous woman continued, “As well, if we go for a day out, I will eat, and the kids will eat before, so we don’t get hungry. He says he’s not hungry, and he will buy something unhealthy as soon as we get there.”

She said that her father-in-law used to do the same, and he ended up becoming excessively obese. The woman maintained that she wouldn’t want to live with an overweight person and would want a divorce if her husband became exactly like his father.

“This is exactly what his father would do. I just reminded him there’s some really delicious risotto in the freezer as he said he was going to get a takeaway, he says he hasn’t eaten all day.” She added. 

“He’s not taking the hint! Would I be unreasonable to just tell him if you get as big as your dad I will want a divorce..?”

The woman further asked the people on Mumsnet if she was being unreasonable with her approach.

Most commenters criticized the OP, saying she needs to correct her behavior and has a wrong attitude toward food.

“Your attitude to food sounds a bit dodgy too. YANBU to be worried about him going the same way as his father. But it sounds like you never share a meal not only because of him but also because of you and this timing thing. I probably wouldn’t want to reheat risotto out the freezer by myself either, it’s not the same as eating it together freshly made. Meet halfway some days?” one user commented.

“Honestly OP it sounds like you’re both suffering from eating disorders. I would advise you both to seek help as you’re probably not helping each other with your food issues.” Said another. “I’d also be concerned about the messages you’re sending your children. It’s absolutely not normal to only eat in the evening on special occasions.”

A third user called her mean and said she needs to be more understanding and considerate.

“OP wouldn’t it be better to say you’re worried about your husband’s health as you love him and want him around for your children? The way you’ve written it sounds very mean.”

“People overeat for many reasons, a lot psychological. Most aren’t purposely trying to disable themselves. Try having some empathy and kindness towards your husband. Maybe one day you will struggle with something, would you want him to say ‘sort it or I’m leaving you for someone less problematic.’”

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Sources: Daily MailMumsnet

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  1. Is that his wife?? Anyway, he is obviously going to die 20 years before her. His wife is going to either be ALONE for a very long time, or will be ready to get married again in a surprisingly short time. I have a similar problem with my wife and mention it more and more often telling her that if I had known there wold be so much time afterwards, i would not have married her. Also, I am nine years older than her and had our first and only child at the age of 50 (for me.) She will graduate high shcool when I am 69.

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