Woman Shares How She Married Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend, Now They’re Happily Co-Parenting

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Today’s story is about co-parenting & co-existing. It comes from a TikToker, Alexis Mounsey, who explained how she fell in love with her best friend’s boyfriend and later married him.

Alexis explained how her best friend, Alesha, was in a relationship with Josh when they were all in high school. Josh & Alesha had a daughter, Riley, while they were in a relationship. While Josh & Alesha were together, Alexis became involved with Josh, and the two had a stronger bond.

Alexis & Josh started seeing each other, later getting married while co-parenting and happily co-existing with Alesha. Alexis calls herself the “bonus mom” to Alesha’s daughter. The two are still best friends and practically make a big family together with Josh.

The reason for Alexis’ TikTok account was to explain how anything is possible and co-parenting can really change relationships and perspectives. Alexis & Alesha travel together, hang out all the time, help each other out, all while raising Riley as a happy daughter – Josh definitely has no complaints about this situation.

In one of her videos, Alexis explained the situation in detail. She said:

“Umm… so… this TikTok started because I wanted to show people that it was possible to overcome the past and you can become friends while co-parenting. Alesha & Josh, Josh is my husband, they dated in high school. Josh and I met right around when they first started dating and we became friends very fast.”
“Yes, Josh cheated on Alesha with me throughout high school here and there. And then, Josh and I got together.”

“After they had broken up and there were still loose ends and whatnot. And they created Riley when Josh and I first got together.”
“So the past was messy.”

And after Alexis & Josh got married, Alexis became co-parents with Alesha. Alexis & Alesha settled their differences and became a family. Now, they’re one big family where Alexis is Riley’s “bonus mom.”

If this story proves anything, it is that humans can easily co-exist and forgive each other for past mistakes if they want to – living in harmony and sharing happiness. You can follow this family’s adventures on TikTok here.

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Alexis Mounsey on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Alexis Mounsey on TikTok

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