Woman Who Has Slept with Over 300 Partners Reveals the Biggest Mistake Men Make in Bed

Annie Knight, known as ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman,’ has been making headlines for her busy love life. In 2023, she reached her goal of sleeping with 300 people. Now, she has set new goals for 2024 and even has plans for 2025.

Despite her popularity and being one of the top earners on OnlyFans, her journey hasn’t been without challenges. In an interview on The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Knight talked about how she managed to sleep with so many people in one year. She also mentioned that all men make the same mistake in the bedroom.

“I’m very consistent. I send a video out every day, and I always post photos every day,” she said. “[It] makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good. It’s just fun and exciting. I’m down to try anything.”

During an Instagram Q&A, Annie shared some honest details about her unusual career path. She explained that she has “sacrificed a lot” to achieve her goals.

A follower asked, “How did you begin your journey to success you’ve achieved through OnlyFans, and what advice would you give to someone starting out?”

“Like everyone else… slow and steady. I did a lot of trial and error and tested out different marketing strategies,” she replied. “It took a year to get into the top 0.4% and 2.5 years to get into the top 0.02%. Success isn’t instant, I’ve sacrificed a lot and spent a lot of time building up my social media presence to get where I am now.”

She continued, “I’d advise anyone starting out to make sure they’re aware that it’s a lot of hard work and money doesn’t just roll in the second you start an account. It’s a hustle.”

Knight also recommended thoroughly researching successful women in the industry to understand their unique selling points. Despite the controversy surrounding her profession, she has a clear vision for her future, including a five-year plan.

The OnlyFans star mentioned she dreams of having three children one day, running her own business, and living in her dream home without a mortgage.

However, the model hasn’t found the right guy to settle down with yet. She recently explained on her Instagram stories why she is still single.

“Last year was meant to be my year of dating, I went on six dates and they were all immediate nos for me and I got tired of it. So, I took a break in May,” she said.

“I have only just started dating again but the reason I’m single is, it’s hard to find a guy who ticks all my boxes. “Which is honestly crazy because the boxes are very basic.”

Now, Knight points out one area where many guys could do better. According to the Daily Star, she is amazed at how many men don’t know how to use their fingers to please a woman properly.

She mentioned to her fans that hardly any of her partners take the time to please her in the most enjoyable ways. The creator of spicy content said she’s had to show men many times where to focus their attention and how to enhance her pleasure.

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Source: The Kylie Jackie O Show

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