You’re Not Going To Be Able To move On If You Keep Looking Back

Accept that the past has happened and hat it’s gone. 

People always say that time is eventually going to heal all wounds. But that just isn’t always going to be the case. The actual truth is that there are just some wounds that time can’t heal. Of course, when you are forced to end things with a person you’re deeply in love with, it’s going to leave a substantial emotional scar. You might now know how to deal with it at first, but your initial instinct is to always distance yourself from any reminders of the very person that you lost. But it’s not always going to be so simple. You have to understand that in order for you to really move on in life, you need to actually want to do so. You really have to want to let go of the past. Of course, it’s perfectly acceptable behavior if you wish to cling to some remnants of your failed romance. That’s the nostalgia in you that’s starting to kick in. all human beings are susceptible to that kind of behavior. So don’t worry that you wallow in pain and despair just after you end a relationship with someone. Healing takes time, that’s true. But don’t you dare think that time alone is going to heal your wounds. You have to play an active role in the healing process. You have to actually decide that you want to get better. It all starts with you actually wanting to be whole again.

And you don’t have to pressure yourself into rushing to become okay again. No one expects this to be a speedy process for you. You’ve practically lost a person who meant the world to you. You invested so much of yourself in this person and in this relationship; and unfortunately, things didn’t go your way. It was a failed investment. And you lost a part of yourself that you’re probably never going to get back. You’re not going to be able to turn your sadness off like a light switch. The world doesn’t expect you to be fine right away. You’ve gone through a very emotionally traumatizing experience and that takes a great deal of time to recover from.

You can’t afford to just bury your emotions either. You can’t just sweep your feelings under a rug and hope that they eventually go away. Pain doesn’t work like that. Healing doesn’t work like hat. When you feel pain and sadness, you really have to let it consume you. You have to let it have its way with you. It’s part of being human. Be vulnerable and let the sadness come. Accept it. Confront it. Deal with it. Acknowledge its current power over you but also keep in mind that you are eventually going to rise from all of this adversity. You can’t just go on pretending like you’re okay even when you know that you’re not. Your bad feelings are never going to go away until you actually become brave enough to force them out.

So yes, be sad. Be weak and vulnerable for now. But also remember and this is very important you are going to have to pick yourself up after a while. You are eventually going to have to muster the strength to fight towards a place of happiness again. You have to actually develop the resolve to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix. It’s not going to be easy and you might not even be able to do it on your own. But what’s important is that you actually believe that someday, you are going to be okay again. Your faith and belief in yourself should be what guides and helps you through this terrible ordeal.

Accept that the past has happened and hat it’s gone. There’s no point in wanting to resurface the past again. There’s no point in wishing to get back something that’s lost forever. You are only prolonging your pain with this kind of thinking. You are only making things worse for yourself. Don’t let go of the lessons of the past, but always keep your eyes towards the future. And that’s the real key to just moving on right there.

You just have to stop yourself from looking back. You’re not going to be able to get to where you want to go if you just keep on peeking behind your shoulder. If you really want to be okay again, you have to keep your head down and your eyes forward. You need to always keep on pushing forward. Be confident that the past is going to stay where it is. And trust in the strength of your legs to propel you forward. Moving on isn’t about just moving forward it’s also about letting go of everything that used to be.

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