25 things girls do that make guys realize they are wife material

Kaetlyn Summers Posted 8 months ago
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Here are 25 things girls do that make guys realize they are wife material:
  1. She listens to you:

A guy instantly likes a girl who listens to him. If she can listen to all the weird stories that you tell without even blinking an eye then you know that she is the one. Guy stories are usually not what girls like to hear because they are so used to having all those girly talks with their girlfriends.

So if a girl is actually listening to you then maybe in her head she has already imagined the wedding that you two are going to have.

  1. She is mesmerising:

If a girl makes you feel like abandoning all your other side relationships then you are in for danger. I mean you know you are ready to get married and she is the one who made it happen. You find her so captivating that you cannot think about anyone else.

You do not even want to think about sleeping with someone else no matter how hot she might be because you just want to be with this girl and she means so much to you already.

  1. She is your biggest support:

No matter what comes running at you with full speed, if she is there to support you know that she is something special. She might not even realize that how much that means to you but you know that without her you would not be able to face all the hard time so easily.

  1. She is thoughtful:

So you cancelled the date because you were stuck at work and instead of sulking, she brought a picnic lunch for you at the office. How lucky you are? Trust me, you are not going to find anyone like her again and it would be wise to not let go of such a person. - Continue reading on next page