5 Types of Men Every Woman Wants

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What makes these men so irresistible to women, and why do they always manage to land their girls so effortlessly?

In a world of 7 billion people, it would be irresponsible to generalize every class of human being. However, as students of social structures, we tend to notice patterns in everyday life that we can apply some science to. We’ve all encountered the kind of men who can seemingly land any type of woman that they fancy. They are like magnets that draw women in by sheer will. On the other hand, there are also some men who just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to love and relationships.

They wear their charm and charisma on their sleeve like a plague and women are just naturally repulsed by them. There’s a reason for these distinctions, and they aren’t subtle nuances in their personalities. These are two very different kinds of men who carry with them different character traits, ideologies, and mannerisms that dictate their success in love and in life.

In truth, it’s not that hard to point out the differences between these two kinds of men: the ones who women are allergic to, and the ones that women can’t get enough of. This article aims to highlight the traits and psychological makeup of the latter. What makes these men so irresistible to women, and why do they always manage to land their girls so effortlessly?

Well, typically, the answer to these questions can be categorized into 5 very specific types of men. Here is your chance to find out whether you’re the type of guy who is able to land any type of girl, or if you’re the man who is most likely going to have to settle with solitude for the remainder of your life. Here are the 5 types of men who attract the most women:

1. The Romantic Nice Guy

Celebrity Examples: Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks

This is the kind of guy who seems like he was ripped out of a script for a romantic comedy. He’s the leading man in your idealized fantasies of romantic stories. He’s the type of guy who shows up at a girl’s doorstep with flowers in hand. He’s John Cusack standing outside a girl’s window blasting a boombox with her favorite song. He’s the guy who serenades his girl at a karaoke party or on open mic night. He’s the kind of guy who will give a woman chocolates and gifts even though it’s just another regular day. He’s very much into grand romantic gestures, and he will never tire of making a woman smile and giddy. - Continue reading on the next page