I may be single but I’m never going to settle for someone who is not going to Love me wholly.

First things first, there is nothing wrong with being single or as it goes nowadays:

Love is so much more than a pursuit, it’s a destination, and we wander aimlessly from corner to corner to desperately find it. This pursuit teaches us the harsh realities of life. We cross paths with people with whom we have no compatibilities with. People who are just as lost as us, and they are trying to find the hidden treasures of love. Desperation can sometimes make us do terrible things. There is nothing wrong in being optimistic. There is nothing wrong in risking it but if you do it without giving it a thought, the little pieces of hope that you store within will vanish and this will shatter your resolve.

Sometimes, this leads to a situation where people stop believing in love. They call it a fairytale and something that does not exist because they’ve been disappointed all their lives, but that’s not true.

#ForeverAlone. It is so annoying to know that there is this social pressure, where if you aren’t in a relationship, you are somehow missing out on something or that you are incomplete. Trust me, you are not. If you feel happy and content being single and enjoy third wheeling with your best friend and his girlfriend, do not give in to societal pressure and get involved in a relationship for the sake of it. That never ends well, trust me, I know. Sure, it feels great to have this person who dotes over you and is there for you always, but as soon as the ‘honeymoon’ period is over, you will regret it and try to end it and a whole bunch of people get hurt. You do not want that. – Continue reading on next page