15 Zodiac Couples With The Best Chance For a Long-Term Relationship

Kaetlyn Summers Posted a year ago
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Let’s be honest, we've all checked our horoscopes at least once whether it be randomly while flipping through a newspaper or actively searching it up online. People check their own horoscopes, people check their partner’s horoscopes and it doesn’t really mean anything big, majority of us know it’s not that accurate. They’re usually written pretty vaguely and it’s all in good fun.

I know I’ve actively searched up the compatibility between a Leo and an Aries and it was great…again, it doesn’t mean anything significant unless you’re into that kind of stuff. My friend’s usually only care if it’s all good and if there’s any negativity in the horoscope, they don’t bother caring about it (which is a pretty good perspective to have, if I’m honest with all of you.)

According to astrologists, there are some ‘signs’ more compatible with certain ‘signs’ than other ‘signs’… this sounds confusing but basically there are people who believe that the month in which your born can have an effect on your personality and that’s what brings us to this article.

So here are some of the most compatible ships in the zodiac sea.

(Do not break up with bae just because you both aren’t on the list)

Pisces and Taurus

The two signs are positioned further apart within the zodiac, resulting in more karmic ties and deeper empathy. Their union, it’s usually a happy one. Pisces tend to be more dreamy and idealistic and are brought back to reality by the more practical and down to earth nature of Taurus. They are the perfect balance.

In the zodiac world, these two would be considered soul mates.

Aries and Libra

The two are both ruled by the planets of passion i.e. Mars, and love i.e. Venus. They’re both social butterflies and somewhat extroverted and are probably behind some of the most lit parties you’ve been to. They’re open and are the sort to be the life of the party wherever they go. Their relationship is definitely a loud and proud one filled with fluff.

Aries and Gemini

Fire and Air. The two signs work amazingly well together, just like their elements. They’re an optimistic pair and make the best out of situations no matter how hard the times may be. They can get through their troubles and end up with smiles on their faces regardless of the circumstances as long as they're together. This love is passionate and you won’t find either of the two slacking off. - Continue reading on next page