10 Things Men Say When They’re Unfaithful

Many men who are not faithful say similar things. Cheaters want to have both their partner and someone else, even if they’re not happy in their current relationship. Instead of leaving their home and starting a new relationship, they lie to keep their current one safe while also seeing someone else. They use these phrases to try and do both things.

If your husband uses these phrases, it’s likely he’s trying to keep both you and his lover without losing either one.

1. “You’re cheating on me, aren’t you?”

When your husband uses this phrase, he’s attempting to make you feel responsible for his actions. Instead of addressing his unfaithfulness, he wants you to concentrate on proving your love for him and reassuring him that you would never do something similar.

2. “You’re not who I thought you were”

Once more, he’s putting all the responsibility on you. He wants you to think that you’re at fault for not being honest about who you are. Of course, this isn’t true, but by making you feel guilty, he hopes you’ll be too preoccupied to notice his unfaithful actions.

3. “I’m going to wash my own clothes”

If your husband says, “I’m going to wash my own clothes,” and this is unusual for him, it might be a sign that something is wrong, like he’s trying to keep a secret, possibly related to cheating.

4. “I never wanted to hurt you”

It could be accurate. Someone who’s cheating tends to be quite self-centered, focused on their own desires and immediate needs. Their goal isn’t to harm you; it’s mainly about fulfilling their own desires.

5. “It only happened once”

Many cheaters say this famous line: they’ve never cheated before, and it won’t happen again. Usually, a man who cheated admits to this one-time mistake because feeling guilty is too hard to bear. It’s a way of acknowledging they messed up and are sorry for it.

6. “It will never happen again”

When a man gets caught cheating, he often vows not to repeat it. However, when trust is shattered, changes in the relationship’s rules are necessary to rebuild that trust. It takes more than just promises to regain trust once it’s been damaged.

7. “I thought of you but I still can’t explain why I did it”

This excuse might seem convincing to him, but it doesn’t bring comfort to his wife. If she was truly on his mind, why did the cheating happen in the first place? It raises questions about his actions and choices.

8. “I never saw her before in my life”

Husbands often hide if they knew the person they cheated with beforehand. But, regardless of who that person is, what truly matters is his unfaithful behavior.

9. “I can’t believe you don’t trust me. Your mistrust is going to end with our relationship”

The relationship will break apart because of his unfaithfulness, not because trust is missing. His infidelity is what will ultimately lead to the end of the relationship, not the absence of trust.

10. “I’ve changed. I am a new man”

Infidelity can be compared to alcoholism; it takes time and effort to change and become a better person. You can’t just wake up one day and stop being unfaithful overnight. It’s a process that requires commitment and hard work to become a new and faithful person.

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