11 Qualities You Should Have To Make Yourself More Attractive

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We’ve seen these kinds of people before; they’re the ones who can seemingly get anyone to like them. They’re the people who everyone just seems to trust and adore. They’re the kinds of people that no one else can really say anything bad about. They’re the ones who make the people in a room feel more generally at ease and happy. They’re the ones who get hundreds and thousands of likes on their Instagram and Facebook photos. They’re the ones who are invited to all of the coolest parties because everyone always wants them around. It’s really annoying how likeable they are and yet, you can’t help but be attracted to them because of their inherent charm and amiability. You spend so much time what it is about them that makes them so attractive. And you try to see if you can make yourself just as attractive as they are too.

Well, not to say that there is a universal standard for attractiveness. But there are some general tips and tricks of the trade that could help improve your chances of being a more attractive human being as a whole. Of course, there are the more obvious traits that you need to stay away from if you want to be attractive. You have to make sure that you’re not arrogant, materialistic, rude, and selfish. But those are practically self-evident at this point. It goes so much deeper than that. And while it can be hard for you to pinpoint the specifics traits that make up an attractive person, it’s not totally impossible. In fact, you are going to find them all listed in this article. Here are 12 qualities you should have to make yourself a more attractive person.

1. Sincerity

No one likes a plastic person. Don’t be nice to someone just for the sake of being nice. Be nice because it’s genuinely the right thing to be. Be sincere about who you are. Be as genuine as possible.

2. Transparency

People generally tend to like people they can trust. And people tend to trust those who are honest and transparent about who they are. So if you want to be more attractive to people, you’re going to have to learn to be transparent with your feelings and intentions. Putting on a mysterious vibe can only keep people interested for so long.

3. Understanding and Sensitivity

We all have our own personal struggles in this world. We all go through some tough trials. And we’re all going to have a few stumbles whenever things get too overwhelming. And the better effort that we put into understanding the struggles of others, the more attractive we become to them.

4. Curiosity

The more interest that you express in another person’s life, the more they will grow to like you. Curiosity is an often very understated trait for a person to have.

5. Positivity and Optimism

There is already so much negativity in the world as is. You don’t need to be adding to it anymore. In fact, what people are mostly looking for is a ray of sunshine; a refreshing breeze. So if you can spread positivity and optimism wherever you go, you will find that people will be more attracted to you.

6. Vulnerability

Vulnerability is important because it also means trust. Not to say that you should be reckless and that you should just allow anyone to hurt you. But people are going to like you more if you just allow yourself to be more vulnerable with them.

7. Open-mindedness

Always keep an open mind. The more receptive you are to differences of opinion, the more that people will grow to respect you; and they will actually enjoy talking to you.

8. Confidence

There is a difference between being confident and arrogant. Be confident. Be sure about who you are but don’t blow things out of proportion. Show people that you are a person who is worth respecting and that you demand to be treated well.

9. Patience

Not everyone is going to be able to move at the same pace as everyone else. We all march to the beat of our own drums. And we have to be respectful towards those who aren’t as willing to go at a pace that is as fast as our own. We have to learn to be more patient with other people who are more comfortable with going slow.

10. Attentiveness

People like people who pay attention. We all live in a world where everyone seems to want to have their say. A lot of people are talking but very few are actually listening. So if you make people feel like you are genuinely paying attention to them, then they will grow to like you so much easier.

11. Supportiveness

Sometimes, all anyone ever really needs is support in life. And if you manage to give the people around you the support that they need to just keep on living, then you’re doing a good job of making yourself more attractive to them. 

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