11 Signs You Have A Tendency To Overthink Things

Are you an overthinker?

The vastness of infinity is a daunting thought to have to comprehend. For some people, they find solace in the fact that they have limitless potential to make their marks on the world. They are thrilled at the thought of having unlimited options in going about this life.

However, for a lot of people, the thought of having unlimited choices and options can be such a struggle to bear.

For a person who has a tendency to overthink things, being presented with a myriad and variety of different options can be absolutely hellish. It’s just downright exhausting having to go through every single detail of every option; it’s very nerve-wracking having to scrutinize every single nuance of all the choices that are presented to you. For a person who tends to overthink things, there are just too many what-if scenarios to have to go through. There are too many thought experiments that need to be conducted before one can finally arrive at a definitive decision.

To amplify the problem, it can get particularly difficult for people who are unaware of their own tendencies to overthink things. This article is for you. If you feel like you’re unsure about whether or not you are one who overthinks things, then read this piece up until the end. If a lot of the items listed on here apply to you, then perhaps you have to dial things back when it comes to thought processes. Just learn to relax every once in a while. Take a chance and just dive in. Life is not meant to be completely rationalized to the point of paralysis. Sometimes, it pays off to just be a little impulsive every so often. Here are a few signs that you have a tendency to overthink things.

1. You try to figure out the essence of everything.

It’s very important for you to find meaning in the things around you. You are a huge believe in the saying that all things happen for a reason and you always want to make sure that you find out what that reason is. 

2. You are more of a thinker than a doer.

Sometimes, overthinking can paralyze you into passive behavior. Instead of going out and living life, you are often stuck in a chair thinking about how you are eventually going to choose to live your life. 

3. The idea of having something all figured out really excites and exhilarates you.

You love it whenever all of your thought processes and experiments come to fruition. You find absolute ecstasy in being able to solve a problem or get to the bottom of an issue. 

4. You aren’t one who is typically known to just sweep things aside.

You have trouble with letting things go. You always have this almost obsessive need to take on tests or problems as they come to you. You don’t like to just sweep things to the side and you’re never known to procrastinate. 

5. You possess a great deal of patience and resilience.

You are the type of person who is able to stick with one particular task until it is completed no matter how long it’s going to take you. 

6. You have a tendency to always feel ready before taking action.

You don’t like to jump into things without thoroughly exhausting all of your options and making all of your necessary arrangements. Sometimes, this can lead to you being left behind but you don’t really care. 

7. You have this innate desire to know everything about everything.

You are just an inherently curious human being who has more questions than answers. You love all the mysteries that life has to offer you and you always want to be in the know. Whether it be big universal questions or just small inquiries into your daily life, you always want to find out the answer to everything.

8. You are most likely going to be a perfectionist.

You are one of the rare people in the world who have decided that mediocrity will just no longer suffice. 

9. You hate it whenever people aren’t being meticulous or comprehensive with you.

You absolutely abhor it whenever people don’t fully express themselves whenever they are conversing with you. You don’t want to be left hanging with 3-word responses that are vague and ambiguous. You only mostly want to interact with people who can get into the conversation as much as you do.

10. Your guilty pleasures involve things that calm the mind and senses.

Your brain is constantly operating on overdrive and you sometimes feel the pressure weighing heavily on you. That’s why whenever you choose to indulge in your guilty pleasures, they mostly involve mindless activities that don’t require much brain activity. 

11. You are a keen problem solver.

You are the person people turn to for problem solving. You love puzzles, riddles, tests, examinations, quizzes, and brain teasers. You live for solving difficult equations and that’s just an inherent part of your personality now. 

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