12 Signs You’re In Love With A Great Guy

1. He understands the value of effective communication in a relationship.

He is a guy who is mature enough to know that in order to make things work with you, he’s going to have to be an effective communicator. He’s going to have to really make an effort to talk to you. He can’t be all distant and quiet about how he feels or what he thinks. He shouldn’t be hiding who he is from you. He is a guy who knows that he always has to stay honest and open with you.

2. His mere presence is enough to make you feel safe.

He always does whatever he can to make you feel at ease. He will do whatever he can to make you feel comfortable. He won’t feed your insecurities. He won’t abuse or manipulate you. He always grants you sanctuary in his arms. He always treats you like a gentle and delicate little flower that he needs to protect at all costs.

3. He ALWAYS acts like a true gentleman around you.

He has great manners – especially when he’s around you. He has a kind heart and an old soul. He knows that he always has to conduct himself with grace and poise if he wants to earn your respect. And he’s always going to be on his best behavior when he’s around you especially because you kind of bring it out of him.

4. He has a strong foundation of principles and values.

He isn’t someone who anyone can just walk all over. He is strong-willed. He has a solid foundation of moral values and principles that he would never compromise. You know that he is an upright human being who lives life by a very solid code.

5. He is a hard worker.

He is always going to work hard for you and for himself. He is going to work hard for your relationship. He is a guy who understands that the best things in life are always earned and not given; and he’s never afraid to put in the hard work for the things that he wants the most. And so you can bet that he’s always going to exert maximum effort for you and your relationship.

6. He also knows when it’s time to have fun.

But even though he’s a hard worker, he also knows that life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously. He still maintains a light heart and he’s always going to be able to show you a good time. He knows that life just isn’t worth living if there is no joy and happiness – and that’s why he always makes it a point to bombard you with lots of smiles and happy memories.

7. He gives you the confidence to go after your dreams.

He motivates you and inspires you to keep ongoing. He doesn’t serve as some kind of roadblock or hindrance. He doesn’t serve as added weight to your life. He propels you to where you need to be. He is always your number one supporter.

8. He lets you take care of him.

He’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself – but he also knows that you want to express your love for him by caring for him. And even though it might be vulnerable for him to do so, he still lets you take care of him.

9. He really pays attention to you when you want to get something off your chest.

Aside from just being a good communicator, he is also a very good listener. He knows that communication is a two-way street; and that it’s just as important for him to pay attention to you as it is for him to be expressing himself. He always makes sure that you feel safe and secure enough to always express yourself in whatever way you might see fit.

10. He includes you in the planning process of the relationship.

He always makes sure that you feel included in your relationship. He doesn’t treat you like some kind of mere accessory that he’s dragging along for the ride. He makes you a genuine part of it because he respects you and he values your opinions.

11. He doesn’t act withholding of his love and affection.

He never holds anything back when it comes to you. He never plays any games with you. He doesn’t try to act coy. He doesn’t try to play it cool. He doesn’t act as if he’s cold and distant; as if he’s indifferent and disinterested. He loves you and he’s always going to make it known to you. He isn’t going to hide just how much space in his heart that you have managed to take up.

12. He really commits to making the relationship work.

He is a committed guy. He is determined. He knows that the relationship isn’t going to be so easy, but he also knows that he has the resilience that it takes to power through whatever problem or obstacle either of you might have to face as a couple. He knows that he is dedicated to doing as much as possible to protect your shared love for one another.

    1. That’s what you get! Maybe when you’re more mature you’ll learn to appreciate things and people more.

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think I was destined to have that kind of love in this life time. Sad but true. I’ve been with my “partner” for x8 years now and his work comes first before anything and anyone. I wish I had the courage to leave him. But with the economic crisis I’d struggle financially. I feel so sad and lost. 😪

    1. NEVER EVER settle for less than you deserve. Trust me before you waste more of your life. I was with my ex-husband for 17 years total. He always put everything before me, his parents, his job, money, etc.
      I was never #1 or even top 5 priority. I begged for him to make me a priority…he asked me to wait until our 8 yr old kid was 18. I’d be 50 by then. I left in 2009 during the economy depression. I did it, you can too. It’s not easy, just believe in yourself. Your happiness is worth it.

  2. I thought I was blessed to have a man like this. Boy was I wrong. After 31/2 years and thinking of future with him he dumps for his ex that he has been divorced from for over 20 years. He tells me “ this relationship really isn’t going anywhere. “

  3. What’s the, “so much more”? This article describes a superhuman man, a perfect man. There’s no such thing as a perfect man. Or woman for that matter. Human beings aren’t perfect. The only thing the article failed to mention was that the perfect man would also keep himself in top male model shape at all times. If a woman has a man who is able to be 3/4 of these things, she should consider herself lucky. So, please, share how your husband is all of this, plus so much more.

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