12 Things A Girl Might Miss About Her Ex-Boyfriend

Your ex definitely wasn’t your ideal partner. Otherwise, the two of you would still be together. However, that doesn’t mean that it was all bad. Certainly, there are a few things about him that you might miss. And that’s part of why breakups are so hard. They force you to think about the things that you no longer have. Nostalgia can really be a big pain in the butt sometimes.

Naturally, there are certain perks that come with being in an intimate romantic relationship with someone. However, these perks aren’t always going to be enough to make up for the many deficiencies and dysfunctions that come with being in an incompatible relationship. And whenever that’s the case, the relationship has to eventually draw to a close.

But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to miss the perks. In fact, a lot of these happy little things that brought you joy might have contributed to you prolonging the inevitable breakup anyway.

You might not miss your ex at all but it’s still possible that you miss the fact that they always had dinner ready for you whenever you got home from work. Here are a few things that a girl might miss about her ex-boyfriend.

1. His oversized boyfriend tees or shirts.

You had new wardrobe choices thanks to your boyfriend. You got a chance to play with your outfits a little bit by incorporating some of his clothes into your ensembles.

2. His one family member who treated you as one of their own.

If the two of you got deep enough into your relationship, then it’s likely that you got to meet a few of his family members. And some of them, you might have even grown to love. But you don’t have access to them anymore because you and your boyfriend have broken up.

3. The look on his face as he slept peacefully beside you.

It’s always so endearing and comforting knowing that you’re going to sleep next to someone who loves you. But whenever you find yourself feeling lonely in your bed, you won’t be able to turn to the side and see someone sleeping next to you anymore.

4. Having a constant date to events, parties, or anything at all.

You were always so willing to go to events and parties because you knew that you always had someone who would tag along with you. Your boyfriend was a great companion and accessory to these events. But you don’t have him to count on to be there for you anymore.

5. Having access to a second car or apartment.

When you had a boyfriend, you essentially had access to the things that he owned. You had a second car that you could use. You had a second apartment that you could crash in whenever you needed to.

6. Having someone to vent to whenever you needed to release your frustration.

Had a bad day at work? You could always turn to your boyfriend to vent whenever you needed to. He was always ready to listen. But these days, unless you have really close friends who are accessible, you might as well keep your feelings to yourself.

7. His delicious cooking.

If you had a boyfriend with culinary skills, you might end up missing the way that he used to cook for you. You were getting restaurant-quality meals at home. And that’s not something you can get these days at all.

8. Having a go-to travel buddy.

Whenever you wanted to go somewhere, you always had a go-to travel buddy. You had someone who would be willing to go on various adventures with you. But these days, you struggle to find even one friend who would tag along.

9. His corny jokes.

Ideally, you will have shared a few laughs with your boyfriend throughout the course of your relationship. And it’s normal for you to be nostalgic of all of that laughter. You might not have someone who can make you laugh as much these days.

10. His driving services.

It’s always convenient to have someone who would be so willing to drive you around town when you’re too lazy to walk or commute on your own. You had someone who made sure that you got to where you needed to be safe. You might not have that luxury anymore.

11. His friends.

Throughout the course of your relationship, it’s normal for the two of you to integrate social circles. That means you might have gotten close to a few of his friends. But if your relationship ended, then it’s possible that you would have to say goodbye to those friendships as well.

12. His love.

And of course, you’re going to miss the love he used to give you. That’s normal. As human beings, we are always going to want to feel and experience love in our lives. And that’s probably something that you are bound to miss about your boyfriend – the heartwarming love that he used to supply to you.

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