13 Red Flags That The Guy You’ve Just Started Dating Is Terrible

Don’t ignore these red flags.

1. He looked angry and upset in all of his social media profile pictures.

It might seem shallow, but it’s really something that you want to take note of in an early relationship. A man’s social media profile is a direct manifestation of his personality. If his pictures are all of him acting angry and serious then that’s probably the kind of person that he is in real life as well.

2. He gets easily irritated at the simplest things.

If he has a short fuse even early in a relationship, then that’s definitely a red flag that you can’t just choose to ignore. Patience is a very important trait to have for any human being. And if he exhibits signs of impatience and irritability, then you might want to reconsider having a relationship with him.

3. He acts overly aggressive early in a relationship.

Aggressiveness is good. It shows drive and motivation. But there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing. Overly aggressive behavior could also be a sign of a person to be abusive, controlling, and manipulative.

4. He openly criticizes you.

You should be humble enough to accept criticism in your life. But this criticism shouldn’t be coming from a man you’ve just met. He has no right to be touching your life in such a direct and personal manner considering that you’ve only just started going out. He doesn’t know your whole story yet.

5. He obviously tries a little too hard.

It’s nice to find yourself a guy who actually tries hard to win over your affections. But again, everything must be done in moderation. If you notice that he’s trying a little too hard, it may mean that he’s little too invested in this relationship and you might not be ready for that yet.

6. He doesn’t back his words up with real actions.

Always be wary of a man who doesn’t deliver on what he’s going to tell you. It can even be with simple things. If he tells you that he’s going to be there at 6:00 p.m. then he should be there at that time exactly. A man’s word is his bond and if he goes back on his word, then you can’t really trust him.

7. He pressures you into letting him meet your family.

It would be great if your partner in a relationship actually took the initiative to want to meet your family. But it’s another thing entirely when he pressures you into introducing your family to him even when you’re not ready to do so. You have to be sure of him being a viable partner before you get to that stage.

8. He lets his ego get to him a lot.

An egotistical man is always going to be difficult to be with. So if you find early on in your dating life that he happens to have an inflated ego, you have to decide if you’ll actually have the patience and humility to put up with that kind of person.

9. He becomes too open about how much money he makes.

Money is an important conversational topic for all couples to have but only when the relationship starts to get really serious. There is really no place to talk about money and financial philosophies early in a couple’s dating life. That is far too intimate a conversation to have between two people who don’t know one another to well.

10. He doesn’t respect the boundaries that you set for him.

You are still entitled to your own individuality as a human being despite the fact that you express your interests in him. Just because you’re dating him shouldn’t give him the right to feel entitled to dictate how you should be living your life.

11. He lies to you (even if they’re white lies).

Honesty is an absolute imperative especially in the early stages of a relationship. It’s important for him to always be honest with you when you’re just starting to date. Because if he can lie to you about something now, then there’s no stopping him from lying to you when you get closer.

12. He doesn’t have a real plan for his own life.

When you date a man, you have to make sure that he’s actually mature enough to be in a real relationship. One of the key indicators that a man is immature and isn’t ready for a relationship is if he doesn’t have a plan for his future. He has to have at least an inkling of direction in his life if he wants to get with you.

13. He pressures you into getting physically intimate with him.

No man should really be pressuring you into getting physically intimate with him in a relationship. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that it’s a flattering gesture for him to want to get intimate with you right away. He should be able to respect your pace and the decisions you make about your own body.

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