15 Creative Things People Do To Cope With Break Ups

Warning: some of these coping methods can get pretty weird.

Break ups are horrible experiences. There’s no going around it. However, they are inevitable parts of any dysfunctional relationship. Break ups are what allow us to end the toxic relationships that we are in and move on to better things. Break ups can be seen as opportunities for growth and development in different avenues. They can be seen as new starting points in life. However, that perspective can do little in helping people feel better about going through a break up. There are some coping mechanisms that people can try out whenever they feel like the pain is too much to bear. Warning: some of these coping methods can get pretty weird. Here are 15 unusual things people do to cope with break ups:

1. Change the sheets.

This is where you just use to sit and talk to each other. This is where you had your sexual escapades. There are many memories embedded into these sheets, and you just can’t wait to get rid of all of them.

2. Go on vacation.

Maybe the best way to escape the sorrows of the break up is to escape from where you are literally. Go on a vacation. Take a trip to unfamiliar territory and immerse yourself in a new culture. Start exposing yourself to different kinds of people and let them distract you from your pain.

3. Renovate the bedroom.

A new-look bedroom means that you have a renewed outlook on life, love, and relationships. At the very least, it’s a nice little do-it-yourself project that you can work on to keep yourself distracted. It’s a great way to take your mind off things.

4. Put into writing just how awesome you are.

Sometimes, you just need to be reminded of your own worth. You need to tell yourself that you’re still a catch and that someone is going to treat you right someday. But for now, you’re all you’ve got and that should be enough.

5. Binge watch on movies and TV shows.

Watch some old action movies; indulge in some romantic comedies. Just watch anything that’ll take your mind off the pain of your current situation. Movies can serve as a great escape from reality. So hurry up, call your best friends and throw a Netflix binge party.В  – Continue reading on the next page

6. Burn any reminders of the relationship.

This can seem a little extreme, but it can be therapeutic for a specific group of people. It’s quite liberating to be able to free yourself from the baggage of previous relationships by literally burning your memories up in flame. Just remember to be careful should you choose this method of coping.

7. Have a break up party.

This might seem a little weird, but it also makes sense on a certain level. While parties are generally for celebrating happy moments, they can also be a great form of distraction and therapy for a lot of people. Throw a party and celebrate your renewed single life!

8. Try a new hobby.

Challenge yourself to become a better and more well-rounded person. Stimulate your mind and body by trying out new hobbies. Try learning how to play a new musical instrument, take up reading, or play a new sport. It’s also a great way to keep yourself preoccupied as you’re coping with heartbreak.

9. Stalk the ex.

For some people, immediately after a break up, they want to know what their ex is up to. Are they dating someone new? Are they just as miserable after the break up? Somehow, this method seems to help people gain a sense of closure with the situation.

10. Have a day at the spa.

Ah, yes. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself. Go to the spa and get a good massage. Go get a facial. Just have a day fully devoted to yourself. It should be all about rest and relaxation at this point. You’ll come out of the experience feeling refreshed and renewed.В  – Continue reading on the next page

11. Retail therapy.

This method might not be an option for some people, and it can also prove to be damaging to the bank account; but if you have the means, then retail therapy is a great way to get over a break up. Take your frustrations out on modern commercialism.

12. Binge on books and magazines.

Similar to bingeing on TV shows and movies, books and magazines afford you the ability to escape reality. Engross yourself in fictional words to help you forget about the harsh realities that you face every day.

13. Get into a rebound relationship with a friend.

While this may end up jeopardizing your relationship with a friend, it can also prove to be therapeutic. Just be careful to not get into anything serious right away. And be sure that you’re aware that you’re risking a friendship with someone.

14. Take frustrations out on the weights.

Hit the gym. Hit some punching bags. Lift some weights. Run long distances on the treadmill. You’ll be surprised at how good you’re going to feel after a hard workout.

15. Cry until the eyes are dry.

This might be the simplest method out of this entire list, but it has never failed anyone before. Sometimes, all people need is a good cry in order to feel better. Just make sure you have those Kleenex boxes and chocolates ready before you embark on your cry-fest.

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