15 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Your Ex

From ˜my boyfriend’ to ˜my ex-boyfriend’, you will experience a big change in your life. A life without him will be your new reality and all the moments that included him will come back to you from time to time but you will settle in overtime.

No matter how far away you have come from him leaving everything related to him behind, there will always be something nostalgic about the relationship that did not go anywhere and you will want to ask him some things that make you curious to this day.

Below are the 15 things that we bet you want to ask him if you ever get a chance.

  1. Do you have a girlfriend?

Out of curiosity, you would ask this question if you ever come across him at a party or some club. It will be awkward, of course, but your inner self would be dying to know if he is seeing someone. The devil in you wants to judge the replacement so that later you are able to laugh and feel good about yourself.

Or, maybe, you just want to see if he still has a classy choice. You would want to know things about his new girlfriend and if there is no one in his life, all the more reason to be happy with your own life.

  1. Are you happy?

Since the day you broke up, you have wanted to know about his feelings about it. Did it bother him just as much as it bothered you? Was he bummed too? Or was it very easy for him to forget and move on? You know how you feel but you never got to know how he felt.

If you get to have a comfortable conversation with him, ever, it is one of the things you would want to ask him: Are you happy? It will mostly be for your personal satisfaction.

  1. Was I a good kisser?

Coming a long way out of the relationship, you start forgetting what it was like to kiss. You had confidence back then in your kissing skills but you are full of doubts now. You would wish to ask your recent ex-boyfriend if you were a good kisser so that his affirmative answer helps you gain the confidence back. Who knows when will you kiss another guy? If you can’t stay in practice, you better keep the confidence. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Do you love the new one more?

Just like a first child would ask his parents if they love the new sibling more, you would secretly wish to know if the connection he has with his new girlfriend is stronger than the connection you had with him. You would wonder if she is a better girlfriend and if he loves her more than she loved him.

We have all sorts of curiosities about our replacement and no matter how good they are, we cannot bring ourselves to like them out of jealousy and that is a fact.

  1. Do we have a chance?

Thinking about going back to our ex is what we most commonly do besides crying about it. So this is probably what you will ask him if you ˜accidentally’ send mistaken text on his number. You would want to ask this because you still think there is a chance.

Whoever made the mistake that lead to the breakup does not matter to you. You only know this: there was love between you two and it is not dead yet. It might be a mistake but well, you would love to make it.

  1. Was I good in bed?

You cannot really ask him this when you bump into him at a party, it would be way too awkward and he won’t answer very openly. Bedroom affairs are not discussed after everything went so terribly, it is like an unwritten rule. But you would want to know because you want some evaluation.

On a scale of 1-10, how good were you? Hearing an eight or nine would really make your day. Admit it, you would love to be told about the things you were good at.

  1. Does your mom miss me?

What is worse than a relationship ending is that you are supposed to end everything with their family members too. You had a beef with the guy but you are supposed to stop talking to his sweet mother too for no good reason, how cruel is that?

You would like to know if his mom, with whom you bonded ever so greatly, misses you or brings you up in conversation. You would like to know if she asks him to get back with you which you obviously can’t do.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Do you think about me?

One thing that bothers us from the day we start living alone is the curiosity about their feelings. Are they equally disturbed? Is he thinking about me right now? And when some time passes, we wonder if he ever thinks about us at all.

It is a great feeling to leave a mark on people’s lives and it feels good when someone tells us that we are still in their thoughts after all that happened. For the sake of feel-good moments, you would like to know.

  1. Did you finally learn to do that?

Your ex used to have this annoying habit of chewing with his mouth open or he never knew how to cut a watermelon or he was always clueless when it came to petting cats. You want to know if he has finally learned doing all of that or if he is still the same.

Just like we meet a cousin after a decade, we try to go through everything that they used to do and has now changed, you would love to reminisce with your ex no matter how much you hate him now.

  1. Do you realize your mistake?

Rachel had the chance to write 18 pages to ask Ross if he realized his mistake but you probably won’t. Still, you would love to know if, overtime, he has been visited by the fairy of epiphanies and been told that it was his mistake that lead up to the disaster that took place.

You would love to know if he has learned from the mistake. He would have come back to you if he had realized so, but well, there is no harm in hoping.

  1. Was I annoying?

Self-doubt pitches in from time to time after a breakup. Out of all the things you would like to know and all the questions you would love to get answered, this would be your top priority. Since the day of the separation, you wonder if you were at fault and if it was your mistake that made everything go to waste. So, out of all the questions, you want to ask him if you were annoying and made him do what he did.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Did you do what you left me for?

Some breakups take place due to the inconvenience of one of the two people. Some have to go out-of-town for studies or a job with which they are not able to handle long-distance and some have to get rid of their racially different girlfriend because of conservative family views.

Whatever it was that came in between you two, you would like to know if he did that thing. You would like to know, in your heart, if it went to waste or not.

  1. Was I a good girlfriend?

You will probably know the answer to this since you know your ways but you would want to have a second point of view. You know you were never the overly attached girlfriend or the uptight one but you would like to listen to his opinion of you.

This might have something to do with self-doubt. Mostly, it will be out of curiosity, to help you in your future relationships.

  1. What’s the worst thing about me?

You might want to know about the worst thing you did in the relationship with your ex because his blunt answer won’t hurt you since you have long moved on and stopped caring about his opinion of you.

But for the sake of betterment of your current and future relationships, you would like to know what you do wrong so that you can improve it and become and even better girlfriend. This can be asked without any awkwardness and the answer should be fun to listen to.

  1. Do you miss me?

If you miss him, you would like to know if he does too to make you feel not-so-bad about missing him. And if you don’t, you would like to know anyway if he is still stuck on the same page. Maybe you don’t want to know because you don’t want to bring the feelings back but deep down, you are curious. You are probably more curious about this one more than any other question.

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