3 Red Flags That Your Man Is Starting To Fall Out Of Love With You

Have you seen these red flags?

One of the most amazing superpowers that anyone could possibly have in life would be the capability to actually read the minds of other people. This is especially most useful for people who have a tendency to over analyze or overthink the words and actions that are thrown their way by their fellow human beings. These are the same people who are incredibly insecure and who are always thinking that other people are thinking ill about them that people have bad intentions that concern them. There’s something almost comforting in being able to be completely sure about how other people feel about you or how they see you. That way, you would know what to do to try to repair whatever brokenness might be present in your relationships.

You don’t want to have to read between the lines with regards to peoples’ feelings about you. You want to know for sure and you’re tired of over analyzing. But that’s the sad thing about reality: it just can’t give us everything that we want just because we dream of it. Mind readers don’t exist in this life and they are probably never going to exist well, at least not in the near future. So if you have suspicions that your partner may actually be falling out of love with you, then you can’t really know for sure unless they openly admit it to you. And that’s the problem, not many people are going to have the kind of courage that is necessary to just come out with how they feel.

They let their emotions and their feelings stew until they implode and by then, it will have been too late to do anything. If only you had known earlier, you might have been able to do something about it rather than just passively wait for your relationship to decay and eventually die as you watch helplessly. So here’s some blunt truth that you desperately need right now. If you are under the suspicion that your partner is really falling out of love with you, then you are most likely right. Your instincts are looking out for you and that’s why you’re feeling all of these anxieties and uncertainties. Either that, or you’re just a really downright paranoid person who is in dire need of help.

But on the off chance that your suspicions are indeed warranted, then you need to take action. You really need to find out if your partner is indeed falling out of love with you, and then you have to make the necessary moves to correct the situation. In an ideal relationship, you have all of the confidence and self-assurance in the world. You would really know that things are going well unless you’re just a completely oblivious human being. But sometimes, your optimism can also blind you from reality. So regardless if things are feeling good or feeling suspicious in a relationship, you really need to stay vigilant. You don’t want to be blindsided by any impending doom that may befall your relationship.

You always want to take necessary action even before any crisis arises. So how do you confirm if your partner really is falling out of love with you? Well, there are a few red flags that you could keep an eye out for. It’s not really about you acting paranoid. It’s just you trying to stay vigilant so that you can do whatever you can to save this relationship. Here are a few signs that your partner really is falling out of love with you.

1. They grow more distant from you.

Distance doesn’t necessarily have to be physical for it to be detrimental to a relationship. Remember that emotional distance is just as dangerous to a relationship as physical distance and you really need to make sure that you close whatever emotional distance you may have with your partner. When you notice that your partner is growing more emotionally distant with you, it’s because they have failed to find reason in maintaining an emotional connection with you. You have to be able to give them that reason to stay connected and close to you.

2. They stop making time for you.

Time is a big deal in any relationship. You always make time for the people that you love most in this world. So that’s why if you notice that your partner is failing to give you the time that you so desperately need in the relationship, then it maybe because they don’t really consider you to be an important part of their life anymore. You have to fight like hell to be worthy of their time once more.

3. You notice a significant drop in your physical intimacy.

Lastly, a drop in physical intimacy is also a big telltale sign that your partner is falling out of love with you. Remember that physical intimacy is a manifestation of a strong emotional bond. And so when your physical intimacy levels drop, that means your emotional bond has weakened as well.

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