4 Misconceptions About Love You Have To Let Go Of If You’re Tired Of Being Single

Are you tired of being single?

We’ve all been exposed to the grand myths and fables of fairytale love stories. There is no shortage of fantastical depictions of love wherever we go. We get to consume all sorts of media that is dedicated to the whole idea of idealized romances and love affairs. This is because a lot of people find their personal love lives incredibly problematic, and they turn to these fantasies for some sort of inspiration or goal to aspire towards. A lot of people will base their beliefs about love on these unrealistic stories and that’s the problem right there. People go into relationships thinking that they’re entitled to a certain kind of narrative when in fact love doesn’t always work out that way.

There is a formula to romantic storytelling that these authors, novelists, scriptwriters, and more will follow to appease their audiences. They will incorporate some very basic romance rules in conjuring a story that will make their audience crave for more. The problem with the oversimplification of these romantic stories is that it leads audiences to believe that love can be attained by following a certain set of rules in a pattern. That’s rarely ever the case. A lot of romantic affairs always carry very distinct and unique properties and a pattern rarely ever emerges. A standard formula for a Hollywood movie about love would have to protagonists meet in a cute manner; they would then encounter a few problems in their journey towards falling in love and then eventually, they just live happily ever after.

Real life is just so much more complicated than that. No matter how convenient and easy these books or movies make love out to be, it’s never going to be the case in reality. These made-up stories give audiences the false notion and prospect of love and how it can come about easily. You have to understand that you are a real person and that your personality is just so much more complicated than that of a fictional character.

So it’s time to rid yourself of any of these notions that these Hollywood movies and Nicholas Sparks novels and branded upon your brain. You need to grow up and mature a little bit before you can actually be ready for love. You have to understand that real love is very much different than the fictional kind.

1. Love is going to just happen to you.

Love isn’t just going to happen to you if you take a passive approach to it. For some people, it might work. There are some isolated cases of people just waiting for love to fall into their laps like a gift from the heavens. But these are extremely rare instances. Love comes to those who actually go after it. You have to always be willing to place yourself outside of your comfort zone. You have to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable. You have to actually put in the effort to find the love that you think you are deserving of.

2. Getting jealous means that you’re in love.

A lot of people will confuse jealousy for love when in fact, they really shouldn’t. Immature people who think they are in love will treat their partners as prized possessions and objects to be owned. Yes, it’s okay to be territorial in a relationship because it’s perfectly understandable for you to protect the love that you have. But you should never be jealous of other people being able to spend time with your partner. Remember that your partner should be able to live his/her individual life outside of your relationship. – Continue reading on the next page

3. There is only one person out there for you.

The whole concept of soulmates has just really skewed up the minds of so many people. There are tons of people out there who close themselves off to the possibility of loving other people because they are all caught up in the whole soulmate business. There is no perfect one for you in the world. You have to just be lucky enough to find someone that you’re compatible with to build something great together.

4. Love has the power to overcome anything in the world.

As much as we want to believe that love indeed has the power to overcome anything in the world, it would be wrong to do so. Love isn’t the most powerful force in the world even though it has the most potential to be. There are countless relationships in the world that end despite the fact that these people share limitless love for each other. That’s because there are so many other things that you need to take into consideration in a relationship in order for it to work. Love is not the only defining factor and only mature and experienced lovers will know this to be true. It takes a whole lot more than genuine love in order for a relationship to work. Things like timing, effort, commitment, and compatibility are also very important factors.

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