4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You’re Ready For A Relationship

Are you ready for a commitment?

Relationships are not for the faint of heart; nor are they for the immature. But the trouble with that is not all of us have the kind of self-awareness that is necessary for us to really know if we’re ready for relationships or not. Not all of us are willing to go about the kind of reflection and introspection that is really required for us to know more about where we stand in life and in relationships. We are naturally impulsive people especially when it comes to leave because a lot of us are so desperate for it. We are led to believe that love is the most magical and wonderful thing we could ever experience in life and so we grab whatever chance we have to love someone.

However, what ends up happening is a lot of us jump into love and relationships without really ever being ready for it. We try to convince ourselves that we can learn along the way and that we will be able to fix the problems as they come but that is rarely ever the case. A lot of people will waste perfectly good relationships by jumping into them a little prematurely. One must develop a certain sense of maturity and assuredness before diving into any relationship with someone they have potential with. That is the best way to protect themselves from possible heartbreak and disappointment.

While it can be difficult to definitely find out whether one is ready for a relationship or not, one can at least be confident about it on some level. But that confidence has to come from a deep sense of reflection and analysis. It can’t come from a place of delusion or blindness. People must really be aware of what they are getting themselves into with relationships before they commit themselves to anything.

You would never go into a war without carrying a gun. You would never go to take an exam without bringing a pen. You would never go on stage to play a rock concert without taking your guitar with you. It’s all the same with love. You should never be going into a relationship without bringing the right mindset along with you. You have to be emotionally and mentally prepared for the complexity of being in a relationship with someone. In order for you to have the right philosophy going into a relationship with someone, here are a few guide questions that you need to answer.

1. Are you at good place in your life?

Before you actually start sharing your life in an intimate manner with another person via a relationship, you should make sure that your own life isn’t in shambles at the moment. You have to ensure that you are stable and steady in your life’s path. You can’t afford to be getting into complicated relationships when the rest of your life is a practical mess. You are only begging for trouble whenever you do so. Fix your own personal life first before you take on the challenges that come with maintaining a relationship with another person.

2. Is the relationship just something that you’re using to fill a void in your life with?

You can’t use the relationship as a means or a tool to make you feel better about yourself. You can’t be using the relationship as something to fill up a particular hole that you have in your life. The relationship should be an end on its own. It should never be a means towards anything. You can’t afford to have an inexpedient relationship. The only acceptable reason for why you would ever want to be in a relationship with someone is because you love that person and you want to be able to manifest that love through your union as a couple. – Continue reading on the next page

3. How much time and commitment are you willing to put into the relationship?

You have to understand that when you get into a relationship with someone, your life and your time will no longer be entirely your own. Relationships require lots of dedication and commitment in order for them to work. If you are unwilling to give up your time for the relationship, then perhaps you should hold off on falling in love with a person. You have to be willing to make some sacrifices here and there for your relationship. You can’t put a half-hearted effort into it and expect everything to work out for the best. You have to be ready to give everything that you’ve got into the relationship for it to actually have a shot at working out.

4. How serious are you willing to get about love?

Are you just looking for a casual relationships to help get you by? Are you looking for a serious relationship with someone? Do you want to be able to build a solid foundation for the future with a particular person? You have to know just how serious you want things to be in a relationship before you can actually be ready for one.

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