4 Things You Do In A Relationship That Kill The Passion

Save the passion.

Don’t underestimate the value of keeping the passion alive in a relationship. Passion is one of the best intrinsic motivators that we could have to go after the things we find most important in life. Think about it. All of the people who have found substantial success in life are bound to be passionate about the things that they are successful in. So it makes sense for the most successful relationships are the ones that never lack in passion at all.

However, the truth is that passion just isn’t such an easy thing to maintain in a romance at all. When you first try to pursue a person you’re interested in, the passion is fresh. You are motivated to try to win over this person’s affections. But once you’re actually in a relationship, there is a tendency for the both of you to actually grow complacent. And when that happens, the passion dies a little bit ever so gradually if it continues to be left unattended. Don’t be surprised at just how many couples find it incredibly difficult to actually keep the passion in a relationship alive. It’s normal for a lot of stable and comfortable relationships to start to fall into a routine lifestyle. They establish patterns for themselves but these patterns also tend to make things stale and boring. They make the relationship predictable when it should be exciting. Yes, stability is always important in a relationship. But it’s also just as important to balance that stability with exhilaration. And that exhilaration is often best maintained with passion.

It’s okay to be habitual in a relationship. Human beings are creatures of habit after all. But what isn’t okay is when you don’t incorporate acts to fuel the passion of your relationship into your daily habits. You have to make it a point to constantly be building on the passion that you have for one another. It’s not just a matter of maintaining it or making sure that it doesn’t go away. It’s always something that you continuously work on and strengthen as you go through life together. When you get to a point wherein you are immensely passionate about one another, you won’t even care about the challenges or hurdles that may plague your relationship. Your passion will find a way to keep the both of you committed to one another. And when that’s the case, it will be difficult to stop you from loving each other in general.

So be very wary of some bad habits that you may be committing which are deliberately killing the passion in your relationship. A lot of couples make the mistake of not paying any mind to the effects of their actions. Don’t make that same mistake. Think about how your actions in a relationship are impacting the relationship as a whole. If you feel like you need some help in this area, then just read on until the end of this article. If you find that you are guilty of a lot of the things listed here, then you need to make a change right away. Here are 4 things you do in a relationship that actually kill the passion.

1. You cancel on date night out of the blue.

When you cancel on your partner for date night, it’s hurtful. But it’s even more hurtful when you do it out of the blue. At the very least, have the courtesy to give your partner a heads up way beforehand. You don’t want to get them all excited for date night only to have it all blow up for them in the end. And if you do cancel on them, immediately offer to reschedule and make sure you don’t cancel on your second date.

2. You refuse to engage in any acts of affection towards your partner.

Always grab at opportunities to be affectionate and intimate with your partner. Even something as simple as holding your partner’s hand or giving them a kiss when you say goodbye can do wonders for the passion in your relationship as a whole.

3. You no longer throw any compliments towards your partner.

You don’t constantly have to be treating your partner like some sort of deity that you have to praise all the time. But throw your partner a bone every so often. Give them some compliments just to make them feel better about who they are and to let them know that you are still infatuated with them.

4. You don’t really mind the little things in the relationship.

The little things are often the biggest things in a relationship. Remember that you don’t always have to showcase or promote your passion for one another with grand gestures. Even the simplest things in a relationship will be enough to really build on your passion for each other.

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