5 Intimate Sex Positions That All Couples Should Incorporate Into Their Routines

There’s no denying the value of sex especially in the modern relationship. Remember that a lot of what makes a strong relationship is intimacy. But what exactly is intimacy? In a nutshell, intimacy is the level of closeness between two human beings. And intimacy can be measured in various forms. Sometimes, it can take the shape of an emotional, psychological, spiritual, or a physical form. And all of these various forms of intimacy play a role in determining how close two people are together. And the closer that two people are in a relationship, the more difficult it will be to divide them especially in times of difficulty and challenge.

That’s why it’s always important for couples to be placing a lot of importance into their levels of intimacy. And this article in particular is going to delve deeper into the idea of physical intimacy in the form of sex. There is no denying that sex is the pinnacle of physical intimacy between two people. When two individuals are having sex, they are as physically connected as they can possibly be. And that’s why you should never be taking sex for granted with your partner. When you are having sex, you always want to maintain presence of mind and heart. You always want to be giving all of yourself to it. You don’t want to be distracted.

You want all of your attention and energy to be going into every move and action that you make when you’re together. You always want to be deliberate. However, there is also no denying that there can be issues with a couple’s sex life. Sometimes, things can get a little repetitive; or on the other end of the spectrum, things can get a little too wild and erratic. You always want to be able to find that middle ground. You want to be able to be spontaneous, but you don’t want to get overboard either. And if you feel like you’re feeling a little lost with regards to your relationship’s sex life, then this article is perfect for you.

Here are just a few examples of some go-to positions that you and your partner can refer to. These are especially great for building physical intimacy between the two of you.

1. The Rocker

This is a great position for the both of you if you want to be looking each other in the eyes as you’re passionately making love to one another. With this position you are also able to kiss each other just to add to the heat and passion of the situation. To get into this position the man has to sit in a comfortable position against a bed rest or with his hands behind him for additional support. The woman then sits on his lap as she’s facing him – and she establishes full control of the situation.

2. The Fallen Angel

To get into this position, the woman is going to have to curl up a little bit on her side with her knees slightly drawn up to her torso. The man is going to situation himself behind her as she cradles her with his body and arms. From this position, the man is free to use his hands to play with her lady parts on the frontal area. It also allows for a couple to be locked in a deep and passionate embrace as the penetration is taking place.

3. The Glower

This is another great and intimate position that a lot of couples should at least try to incorporate into their sexual routines. To achieve this position, the woman has to lie on her back with her legs open to the side and stretched out. The man situates himself between her legs as he faces her with his own legs outstretched as well. He can make use of the walls or the pillows to give him better leverage as he moves into her. He can even lean in to kiss her if he is flexible enough to do so.

4. The Rowboat

This is a fairly simple but very effective position to maximize stimulation and intimacy in the bedroom. It all starts with a man just lying flat on his back as the woman situates herself on top of his pelvic area. As she dips down and allows him to penetrate her, the man should slowly sit up with his knees close to his torso so that he is practically facing his girl in seated position. The woman can also choose to wrap her legs around him for some added stimulation and closeness between the couple.

5. The Peg

For this final position, the man should be lying down with his legs outstretched and then the woman proceeds to lay on him as she’s facing him while he slowly enters her. There’s just something very intimate with having a girl lie down on top of her man.

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