5 Not So Obvious Signs That He’s Already Committed To You

The not-so-obvious things about a guy when he’s into you.

There is a period in every relationship wherein it’s not exactly so fresh anymore but it isn’t really in the long-term relationship territory in the middle. This can be an awkward phase in the relationship wherein the honeymoon period is over and the small little problems of the relationship that you used to ignore start creeping up and making their mark. This is a very trying and delicate time in the relationship. So you know that you love your boyfriend and you’re left wondering if he still loves you the way that you want even after all the flames have died down a little bit. So how do you know if your relationship is a real one? How do you know that what you had wasn’t just a mere fling and the passion of your relationship is already fading?

You want to know if you have a guy who is willing to commit to you. You want to know if your relationship has the potential to go all the way, but you’re not entirely sure. You want to know where his head is at but you don’t want to frighten him by outright just asking him. You want to know if the both of you are on the same page and you both want to keep on working on your relationship. So how do you do I without having to blatantly ask him? Well, you can always keep an eye out for the signs. Granted, it can take a very long time for a lot of people to decide whether or not they want to commit to a relationship,

so you don’t want to place him in a position where he feels pressured to commit himself to you. He has his ways of expressing his commitment even when he doesn’t necessarily talk about it. You just have to be vigilant and observant. Learn how to read his gestures and his body language. The signs of commitment are there even when he doesn’t talk about it. Here are some of those signs.

1. He really pays attention to you whenever you are talking together.

The very fact that he listens to you means that he’s very much interested in your life. He is investing himself in your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. He wants you to feel like he is genuinely committed to this relationship by making sure that you always feel heard and listened to. He would never ignore or disregard anything you have to say whether it’s important or not. Whatever it is you have to say, he is going to welcome it with open ears and an open heart just because it’s you.

2. He makes an effort to make you feel included in his life.

He will never try to make you feel like you are closed off to his life or the way he goes about his day. If your man is granting you open access to all facets of his life especially the most intimate aspects of it then that is an indicator of immense commitment. He wouldn’t be opening himself up to you the way that he is if he weren’t committed to you. You should only be worried if he alienates you or shuts you out. But if he always makes you feel like you can freely invade various parts of his life, then that is commitment.

3. He goes to you for advice and guidance.

A man would never reveal any semblances of vulnerability or weakness to a girl he is trying to impress. But when he grows comfortable with a girl, things start to change. Whenever he establishes a stable relationship with a girl he can truly trust, that’s when he will start opening himself up to her. He will start to make himself more vulnerable and he will start to reveal his weaknesses to her. In fact, he will have no problems going to her for guidance and advice. If he does that to you, then he’s really committed to you already.

4. He isn’t shy about expressing his physical affection for you.

Physical affection is always prominent in the early parts of the relationship. It’s the honeymoon phase of the relationship and of course you are always going to want to eat each other up. You won’t want to keep your hands off of each other. But if your physical intimacy still persists even as you get deeper and deeper into your relationship, then you don’t have to worry about him not committing to you anymore. He’s practically all in at that point.

5. He casually drops the idea of commitment in your conversations.

He’s mentioned it before. Okay, it wasn’t a formal admission of commitment or loyalty. But if he has dropped the idea on you before, then that means he’s already thought of it. And if he’s still at your side after all that, then there’s the answer to all of your apprehensions.

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